Beaver’s twist!

The Twist (1960) by the great Chubby Checker. Video includes dance clips from the early 60’s along with movie and television scenes.

Is this twisted or what?  Take a look at the dude with the moves at time code 1:10!

13 Responses to Beaver’s twist!

  • Ohhhhhh my gush. I love that song and what a beautiful era . Those moves were awasome , I really loved it . Too bad I was not born in that era but I love it , I wish that could it been today’s move . Things were so different then even TV . I also remember that episode Beaver , you were awasome with those moves , LOL !!!!! Hopping to have the honor to meet you in person one day . Thank you and may God bless you and your family always !!!

  • I sent you a comment and it flew off.
    Your Twist was really the best, smooth. not to overly energetic. If you are on You Think You Can Dance, I’m sure you will be great!
    Blessings&Prayets, Faith.Nations

  • Danny Sims says:

    I remember the episode! I was only four years younger than Jerry, but I knew I had to get myself in gear and learn to dance, if The Beave was already doin’ the Twist!

  • Dean Prescott says:

    Wonderful. I can hardly twist anymore. I’ll work on it though. It’s great to see you Jerry in this. That episode was awesome! I now own the whole Leave it to Beaver series and I can’t thank you enough for all the happiness you have given me. My brother and I would run home from school to see “Beaver” our hero!!

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