The Big Bang Theory event at Warner Bros!

Bob Newhart and Jerry

I had a great time at The Big Bang Theory set at Warner Bros. studios in Burbank, California for The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences dialogue for members, with the entire cast and executive producers Chuck Lorre, Steve Molaro, and Bill Prady.  A highlight of the night was seeing my longtime friend Bob Newhart who has a recurring role on the show.  And, it was great meeting Johnny Galecki who plays Leonard in the series.  The actors have just started shooting their 7th season and the show has 8 Emmy nominations this year!  Good luck to the cast & crew!

Big Bang Theory set

Johnny and Jerry 2


Exec producers

Big Bang Theory set with Jerry

11 Responses to The Big Bang Theory event at Warner Bros!

  • Becky says:

    Love the Big Bang Theory! Think my favorite one is the one that Sheldon calls his new boss an idiot and his Mom comes and gets him back to his job…so funny…Great show…Good Luck cast and crew!

  • Judith Goldsworth Petranek says:

    Jerry, you look great! And glad to see you love TBBT too! Great minds think alike 😉

  • Jerry, you are a dream to behold. Did I tell you I started watching “Leave it to Beaver” on Netflix a couple of months ago. I am amazed at how intelligent, truly funny, and down to earth the show was and is. What other show was like yours? None. Do you ever get to the East Coast? Can you send me an autographed picture or something? You’re one of the few entertainers that truly played a major role in my earlier days and you still are in my mind and heart at the age of 61! Thanks so much for everything you have shared with us and for all you do now. God Bless You, Jerry! You mean so much to me and the world. Thank you. Sorry if I sound soapy, but it’s reserved for only a few people. Loved the entire Cleaver family! June, Ward, and Wally.

    XOXO Love, Susan

  • David M. says:

    Mr. Jerry , Just wanted to say hello ,and to say how much I appreciate the wonderful job that you and each of your cast members did on ” Leave It To Beaver”. It always strikes me a littel funny to hear people use your show or the one’s like it as ”The way life really is’nt or could never be ”. But I whished instead people would say look, this is how your treat your wife and children ,You do this for your friends and the people that you may meet . Your show just showed how with a littel respect and love for your family and friends life should and could be . Thank you , David M.

  • Rebecca Grabt says:

    Jerry, the type of show Leave it to Beaver was is the type of shows children need to grow up watching today. Too bad it’s not that way. We have lost so many of our good writers and directors and I feel so blessed I was brought up watching you and Wally grow up. Loved the Cleaver family! Thank you for being the type of boy you were and the man you are today.


  • Douglas A. McKnight says:

    Now 67 at the time watching Leave it to Beaver as a kid I wanted to be your brother, to have a dad and mom like yours which I did but I didn’t have any brothers just a sister, you know, a girl! But was fun watching you grow up as I did! And the interaction between you and Tony Dow was great. And I’m sure it carried on after the show! So I want to say thanks Beave for being my little brother on the other side of the screen!

  • Andrea Henne says:

    Being a Baby Boomer, I grew up with “the Beaver!” The “Leave It to Beaver” series is one of my favorite childhood memories. That show made us laugh with innocence, wit, and great acting!

    Having watched TV for over 60 years, I have to say that the writers of BBT deliver us with the most entertaining of scripts. ALL of the principal characters possess a comedic genius in their individual ways. As with the classic shows of the 50’s and 60’s, the BBT reruns make us laugh over and over again, even though we know what lines are coming! Keep up the very excellent work!

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