Fox News Throwback Thursday – Leave it to Beaver

Here’s my interview with Ashley Dvorkin for their Fox News “Throwback Thursday” segment!  

Had a great time on the set!

10 Responses to Fox News Throwback Thursday – Leave it to Beaver

  • Don Schneider says:

    Great Interview – I have always been a huge fan – I own the full series on DVD and watch an episode or two every evening before bed and still laugh hysterically while watching – I love the wholesomeness and how the writers showed Ward and June struggling at times at how to handle certain situations – many great life lessons while being entertained – a lost art. Blessings!

  • David Desper says:

    I am type 2 diabetic . thanks for your comments on FOX 411. I saw you in San Jose,CA back in the mid 80’s. Still am a big fan of yours and the show.

  • Bob Black says:

    Excellent interview, Jerry! I like to listen to you talk about the Leave it to Beaver days as well as what you are up to now. Good job!

  • Tom Allen says:

    Great seeing you Jerry. I’m still in Orlando, My three children are all grown and I have two grand children. I’m still working as a sound mixer but getting ready to retire. Stay healthy.
    Tom Allen

  • James L Van Veldhuizen says:

    My wife and I are watching Leave it to Beaver ever night on Netflix. We are on season 3 and ready to watch #38 “The Last Day of School”

  • Chris L says:

    Thank you for sharing this Jerry. Wish the segment would have been longer. I would love to hear some more behind the scenes type stuff. Take care, Chris.

  • Katrinka D. says:

    What a gracious, warm interview you gave with Fox. I especially appreciated your positive comments regarding your time on the show … there have been other actors of family shows from the 50s that have totally trashed the whole concept of that type of family model and even said they were ashamed to have furthered that mindset by their participation in their program. My husband has early onset alzheimer’s and we SO MUCH enjoy watching your shows over and over again, never fearing for anything inappropriate. The good, homey wisdom of your tv parents is also positive. Very heartwarming all the way around. Thank you so much.

  • Ron yandura says:

    I enjoy watching the show even now. Brings back a lot of great memories thank you and the rest of great actors that made this show a hit.

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