Happy Birthday Tony Dow!

Tony and Jerry
Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow

As most people know, Tony Dow was my big brother on Leave it to Beaver.  Ironically, he was really “the Beaver” in his real life family because he only had an older brother and he was the youngest.  I on the other hand was the eldest of my 4 siblings so I actually was the “Wally” in my real family.

How Tony Dow got the part on Leave it to Beaver

Tony was a phenomenal athlete and had trained to be a swimmer and diver from a very early age.  He received many accolades and awards through the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) including Junior Olympics diving champion.  Before Leave it to Beaver, he had hopes of someday competing in the Olympics.  Although I had been an actor since the age of 2 years old, Tony’s only acting job prior to Leave it to Beaver was in a pilot for a television series similar to Tarzan where he played the “Boy” character.  The show did not sell and Tony’s second foray into acting on television was in Leave it to Beaver.  He wasn’t in our original pilot which was called “It’s a Small World.”  The boy who played Wally grew about 5 inches between the time the pilot was filmed and we went into production of the series.  He was almost as tall as Hugh Beaumont so the producers decided to put out another casting call for a boy who was more height appropriate for that age.  Tony’s true life ability as an athlete was a perfect fit for Wally, he was cast for the part, and the rest is television history!

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170 Responses to Happy Birthday Tony Dow!

  • Maureen Hocker says:

    I used to work at the Palisades Library and I remember how stoked the children’s librarian would get when Tony came in (usually at night).This was back in the late 1970’s

  • Arturo Ramos says:

    Happy birthday Tony, I grew up with leave it to beaver series, and up until today I watch the show. Thank you oh by the way today’s my birthday.

  • I can’t get into my e-mail. Just wanted to say that I loved your show. Being a tom boy I still had a crush on Wally. Wished they made television like that again. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY. Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you Jerry tho late.

  • Ron Baker says:

    Best wishes from Delaware to Tony Dow on his birthday and for the year ahead! Thank you so much for the many great years of entertainment that you and the entire “LITB” cast have brought us all!!

  • Regina Tulloch Wittke says:

    Happy Birthday Tony! My nephew Shares your Birthday. Have a great and blessed day!!

  • “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TONY” Love “Leave It To Beaver”. Don’t understand why Wally never punched Eddie in the face. Must be an understanding guy. Thanks for all of the wonderful memories.

  • Patsy Mooney Pauley says:

    Happy Birthday Tony Dow….”Wally”,,,,Leave it to Beaver was one of my favorite shows back in the day….Hope you day is a great one….by the way my birthday is today too,…..

  • Blanca Madani says:

    Happy birthday to Tony. Thank you to both of you for the years of laughter through Leave it to Beaver.

  • June Booth says:


  • Richard Mattern says:

    Jerry, please wish your dear friend Tony, Happy Birthday from me. I can relate to both you and Tony. I turn 65 this Sept. and my older brother had turned 67 in December. We were fans of your tv show and we both felt like the Beav and Wally. We both had friends like the two of you growing up in the 1950’s.

  • Paula Marie says:

    Wishing you a wonderful Birthday Tony! You and Jerry look the same 🙂 I love watching Leave It To Beaver you both acted so natural. You’ll probably get a good laugh out of this Tony but I have a gray rabbit named Wally, I named him after your TV character LOL 😀

  • laurel says:


  • Frank Accardo says:

    A very happy birthday to Tony Dow and honestly, you guys are like my family because I’ve been watching you ever since I could remember! Thank you for the fond memories!

  • Madonna Swider says:

    Many happy memories of watching the Leave . May the Lord bless Tony Downtown with many more. Thank you for sharing

  • Anita Zierman says:

    Happy birthday to Tony. I am still a “Leave it to Beaver” fan after all these years….I am 61 years old. Actually, I lived in Tarzana, CA, growing up and remember seeing you, Jerry, on the corner of Ventura and White Oak in front of that big church! My childhood home was near Lindley and Ventura. My friends were at that church for a ceremony and you were there too. I just remember thinking you were so nice for saying hi to some of the kids out there.

  • Michelle Myers says:

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🙂 I feel like your my brother’s as I grew up with you both!!!

  • Lorel Robinson says:

    Hi Tony
    I recently had a school and township reunion – I lived in Reservoir, Victoria Australia. During most of the conversation we had with each other – Leave it to Beaver, Disneyland, Rifle Man were mentioned. We all hold you dear to our hearts as we lived our dreams though you all in the show. I was lucky enough to have a mum just like Barbara so I was blessed. I wish a very happy day.

  • Cathy Amerling says:

    Happy birthday Tony!!! I hope you had a wonderful day!
    My birthday was April 10. I’ve enjoyed all your shows immensely. God bless!

    Cathy A.



  • Jeanette Burke says:

    Happy Birthday!!! 🙂 I hope you have a great day!! I watch Leave It To Beaver all the time and love it!

  • Eddie Shatterly says:

    “Gee Wallly” Happy Birthday to Tony Dow. Thanks for a more happy childhood watching you on Leave it to Beaver. Wish you many more.

  • Jaimie MacDonald says:

    Happy birthday Tony! Great to see both of you. I grew up with the show and watched every episode. Excellent show and miss it!!
    Hope to see more of both of you!!


    Jaimie MacDonald…and hello from Orilla, ON, Canada!

  • mike giacomelli says:

    All the Best Mr.Dow….Jerry and Tony you both make me smile great job with the Leave it to Beaver series..

    All the Best…

  • Deborah L. Koller says:

    Happy Birthday Tony and Thank you, Jerry for being on Facebook so I could see you again!!!



  • elsie evans says:

    Happy birthday, Tony. My family really enjoyed watching the “Leave it to Beaver” show. It was the highlight of our day.You were We would love to see re-runs of the show again. Hopefully they will show them again. God bless

  • Coralee says:

    Give my best wishes to Tony! I used to go sailing occasionally with my boyfriend at the time, Mike (Spud), on Tony’s sailboat. Was a lot of fun.

  • Jaye says:

    What a great story! I feel as though we all grew up ‘together’.
    Please extend my wishes to Tony Dow for a Happy Birthday 🙂 Thanks
    Love LITB and still watch on dvds, wish it was on METV though 🙂
    Thank you guys for giving such enjoyment and being a part of our childhood(s)

  • Sandi Aschoff says:

    Happy Birthday another April 13 birthday. Seems to a popular in my family and friend. Hope you have a bless birthday. I remember an appearance of you Tony. My favorite show “Murder She Wrote”. Hope all is well with you and your family. Thanks for great memories

  • Cheryl T says:

    I grew up watching reruns but they were still fabulous. Tony Dow rocks. Secretly, I always wanted him to be my boyfriend. Happy birthday to Tony!

  • Andrea Henne says:

    Happy Birthday, Tony! This year, I am 64 years old, so I truly enjoyed watching you and Jerry as I was growing up! Equally, I totally adored your second series of Still the Beaver!!! Wishing you a great year!

  • Dorothy Green says:

    Happy Birthday Tony hope you have a great day
    and many more to come. Loved the show watch it all the time
    and i’m 64 still love the show.

  • Jack says:

    I was just a small child when ‘Leave it to Beaver’ came out. But have been watching the reruns ever since. I saw the Dating game when you were on it.
    Years ago, I saw Tony Dow driving next to me on Hey 5 as I was headed to Burbank. Tell him Happy Birthday

  • Pam Swain says:

    Thank for letting us know how Tony got the part. Tony I hope you have a Very Happy Birthday. We all have grown up together. I turned 60 in December. Wish wr had T.V. Shows with the same morals now but times have changed. I hope you did something fun today. TTFN Pam

  • Jocelyn says:

    Happy birthday Tony, I wish you all the best. I grew up watching you and the Beaver and now enjoy rewatching them on A
    Ate TV. Many happy returns jb

  • Dan Morton says:

    Happy birthday Wally! While I watched all of the “Leave It To Beaver” shows as reruns, they were a great part of my childhood and I still love hearing about Wally, The Beaver and the rest of the gang. Keep posting as you do, Jerry, as I appreciate the updates. Any upcoming trips to Colorado Springs? Lots of folks would really like to see you if you do come.


  • Joe Phelps says:

    Happy Birthday Tony aka Wally Clever just want to say you and Jerry are great aka The Beaver this is one of my fav shows of all time even though was not born back in 50’s or 60’s. I am only 40 i was growing up when you and Jerry did the new Beaver show in 80’s.All can say is you guys still rock i have seen the series about 20 times or little more! Its to bad Barbara and Hugh are gone loved them to. So just want to say your in great company and in same boat as some of my other all time fav tv shows like Dukes of Hazzard, Miami Vice , Incredible Hulk , Ateam and Macgyver. So just want to say Happy Birthday and have good one and Thankyou to you and Jerry for bringing us one of best shows of all time !

  • Walter Scholl says:

    Hsppy Birthday to Tony! My two all-time favorite TV shows are Leave It To Beaver & The Brady Bunch

  • Happy Birthday Tony Dow!!!! I grew up watching ‘Leave it to Beaver’ you two were great but I wanted to punch ‘Eddie Haskell in the nose. He was mean to the Beaver!!!!! Hahahaha!!! Have a great day!!!

  • Michele Hall says:

    I just want to wish a very Happy Birthday to a wonderful actor, Tony Dow! You played that part so well! I really loved the show “Leave It To Beaver” very much! Hope it’s a wonderful birthday for you! You deserve it, Tony! Enjoy your day! Best wishes for as many more birthdays as possible! 🙂

  • JimmiieC says:

    I’m 72 & still luv to watch the re-runs everyday!
    Y’all take care & thanxamil for all the laughs over the years!

  • Michele Hall says:

    Happy Birthday to a wonderful actor, Tony Dow! You deserve it, Tony! You’re a wonderful actor! I loved you in “Leave It To Beaver”! You played Wally Cleaver so wonderfully! Enjoy your day! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! 🙂

  • Lonnie K.Holton says:

    I am going to be 65 4/14/2015 Happy Birthday Tony Dow.Always enjoyed Leave it to Beaver show.as a kid and still as an oldman.

  • Jim Krejci says:

    Happy Birthday Tony and thank you for being that big brother/hero to all us younger siblings out there!

  • Missy says:

    Please send Tony my congratulations on his birthday. Hope he has a great year. And Jerry, I grew up watching Leave It To Beaver and still love it even though I’m 57 years old. It takes me back to the carefree days of my childhood and makes me wish that my five grandkids could experience such a way of life. Times have surely changed. Thanks again for all the wonderful memories.

  • Carm says:

    happy birthday Wally. I could tell you were built like an athlete from the beginning of the series. I will be 62 in May and have grown up with the show and still watch every day.

  • Mary says:

    Happy Birthday. Tony. You and Jerry delighted so many, including me, as we all grew up together. Thanks for all the fun programs for all those years.

  • Timothy W. Robinson says:

    Hey Tony,
    You handled the role of an older brother like a true brother. Your Character,Wally, showed a great responsibility of what an older brother should be. The show was a heart warming performance for all to see. God bless reruns so this Generation
    can understand how young ones should behave!
    Happy Birthday! God Bless You!
    Tim ( The Spyder) Robinson

  • Barry Feldman says:

    So glad that Netflix is running “Leave It To Beaver.” The picture quality is excellent. You know, I never realized that Hugh Beaumont had so many funny lines!

  • Donnie Kimbrough says:

    Happy Birthday Tony! When I was a kid watching reruns I was convinced I was going to grow up have a son and name him Wally. Later in life my wife wasn’t too keen on that idea. But anyway, hope you had a good birthday.

  • Terry Wiley says:

    Happy Birthday…and thank you for making my childhood a great memory .We loved the show and I envisioned having an older brother much like Wally.

  • Terry Wiley says:

    …wouldn’t it be great to go back and relive all the fun times we had as kids watching Leave it to Beaver….

  • Debra says:

    Happy Birthday Tony!!! Love “Leave It to Beaver”!!! Wish they could make such good family shows like it now!!!

  • Deborah Krenke says:

    Happy birthday Tony Dow I hope you have a good one and many more. I’m 50 years old but I did watch leave it to beaver my parents use to watch it that’s how I got in to it loved the show I even had a cruse on you Tony your still cute take care you to Jerry its great what you are doing for tony love you both.

  • Lisa says:

    For what its worth….I hope you guys BOTH know that there are so many fans out here who truly love you both, and treasure our memories of the good old days. Thank you for being YOU…Tony, and Jerry.

  • Morning Star Anne Youngblood says:

    I watched your show growing up, it was a show, like I Love Lucy, that was a FAVORITE OF SO MANY…even at 60, I’d prefer watching “Leave It To Beaver,” over most shows that have come out SINCE…. Please pass on, “Happy Birthday,” to Tony Tow on my behalf….

  • Judi says:

    Happy birthday, Tony Dow! I too am a lifelong fan of “Leave It to Beaver,” plus “Still the Beaver” and “The New Leave It to Beaver,” and always thought you were awesome! You both are! Thank you Jerry Mathers, for posting this! 🙂 <3

  • Lisa Harzold says:

    Happy Birthday Tony!!! Enjoy your special day!!! I watch Leave it to Beaver everyday on Antenna TV. Love you guys!!!! 🙂

  • Mona P. says:

    Happy birthday Tony/Wally and may God continue to bless you with many more. I’m a huge fan, I just love Jerry/Beaver he’s adorable and funny. I still watch you guys everyday.

  • John Rebhorn says:

    Happy Birthday Tony!! I still enjoy watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver. I grew up in that time period and your show brings back a lot of pleasant memories.

  • lise charlebois says:

    Happy birthday Tony Dow I watch you both on Leave It To Beaver I watch every episode never miss one not I can’t catch it

  • Pamela Rosensteel says:

    Have a Very Happy Birthday Tony! I’ve been a big LITB fan since I was a kid and still watch it every day! I will be turning the big 6-0 in August! Again, have a GREAT day!!

  • Christine says:

    Tony, you are only 4 years older than I, and my brothers and I never missed a “leave it to Beaver” episode; I loved the show and am glad you are still kickin’, Know that those years are always treasured in my mind!

  • Sue W says:

    Happy birthday Tony. I, too, was a total fan. I had such a crush on you when I was 11 or 12 (I’m 64 now). My father was the studio Property Master on Leave It o Beaver (you might remember him: a big guy, Ray Downard). In 1962 or 1963 he arranged for you to sit next to me at the studio Christmas party. I think it was at a movie theater close to Universal. I was so shocked and ‘twitterpated’ when you sat down next to me all I could do was say “hi”. I’m sure you made some kind of small talk but I was so shy I think all I did was nod my head for replies; you probably thought I was a total idiot. You absolutely made my whole year. I hope you have a fabulous birthday and many more to come.

  • Melissa James says:

    Please tell Tony Happy Birthday from me …I have been a LITB fan since the show was new…..love both you guys!!

  • larry martz says:

    We loved leave it to beaver it was a great family show we need more family show like that. happy birthday tony

  • Elizabeth Nevarez says:

    from all your friends fans here in Redding California happy birthday Tony many more to come we enjoy you still today on MeTV

  • sandy says:

    happy birthday tony i watched you and jerry on leave it to beaver every week i loved your show i thank both you guys are the best. i still watch you in reruns when there on.i wish both of you the best love you guys

  • Julie says:

    Happy Birthday, Tony. I still watch reruns of Leave it to Beaver, every day and I LOVE it.

  • Debbie B says:

    Wishing Tony Dow a very Happy Birthday. Many thanks for years of joy and entertainment watching him as Wally, and The Beaver of course. Still watching reruns whenever I can on Antenna TV. God Bless.

  • Joe Meyer says:

    Happy Birthday Tony and many more. I always loved Leave it to Beaver. I wish it was back on so I could see it again. Grew up it I will be 68 years old in Sept. They need more show like this. Best of luck to you and Jerry.

  • Sheena Siggers says:

    Happy birthday Tony! I have always been a fan of Leave it to Beaver and still watch the reruns.

  • Robert Wilson says:

    Happy Birthday Tony. Saw every episode and many over and over. Had a friend who appeared on a couple of shows ” George Spicer ” as Ray.. Thanks for all the fun on TV………..

  • Bill Birney says:

    Thanks Jerry!! I can’t imagine another Wally
    The show was fantastic and I still catch an episode whenever I can. The magic that was created worked because of the cast and of course great writing and direction. Happy Birthday to Wally aka Tony Dow and Thanks for allowing your public like me a way to extend wishes of gratitude and appreation of Leave It To Beaver. I was friends with an actor named Stephen Paylow RIP who guest starred on your show from time to time. He’s no longer with us but he had great stories to share about you and the cast from those years 😉 Best Regards, BB

  • Graceann Gjdascz says:

    Happy Birthday Tony, love you guys still watch reruns of Leave it to Beaver and enjoy them. The cast was perfect that was a time in television when you learned a lesson from a story. I am sixty years old each episode, thanks for the memories.

  • Susan Yanover says:

    I, too, grew up with Leave It To Beaver. Loved you guys and still do. Happy Birthday and many more!

  • Lynne Pardi says:

    Hi Jerry,

    Please give Tony Dow a big Happy Birthday for me. I am 63 now, and grew up watching “Leave It to Beaver.” Our whole family watched it, and loved it. My son watched the re-runs when he was growing up. I still remember how much we laughed when you climbed up on that billboard and got stuck in the giant soup bowl!!! I have to admit I had a bit of a “crush” on Wally. Thanks so much for the wonderful memories!!

  • P J Potter says:

    Happy Birthday, Tony! I met you more than 50 years ago when you were in the Universal Studios Credit Union one day. I am now 72 years old and I’m still watching Leave it to Beaver. In fact, the show kind of mislead me because I thought when I got married I would have a family “just like that.” Unfortunately, my husband didn’t have Mr. Cleaver’s disposition. Oh well. I still have the re-runs and I can day dream.

  • Gary Watson says:

    Congratulations on your Birthday,Tony, I’m 62.that makes you about ???? You played a phenominal role for TV, A great straight laced kid trying to keep the wackiness of Ken Osmond in check. You were probably the heart throb for many teenage girls. to me, you were like Jackie Gleason and Art Carney and Andy Griffith and Don Knotts. After you were typecast for your role, did Wally survive T.V?

  • Angela Owen says:

    I’m sure y’all get tired of hearing this, but I am 52 and still watch Leave it to Beaver!

  • David Webb says:

    Happy Birthday Tony Dow! My seven year old daughter and I are half way through the second season of “Leave it to Beaver.” My wife did not think our daughter would like the show because it was in black and white. Needless to say she loves it and can’t wait until the weekend when we have some free time to watch. The show is timeless. Thanks to you, Jerry, and the whole cast for entertaining so many people over the years. Sincerely, David and Kaley Webb – Carrollton,Tx.

  • James Barath says:

    Happy Birthday Tony Dow ! I hope you have a great day ….Jerry said a lot of very nice things
    about you .. I loved watching Leave It To Beaver and still do …. but I really wish at times that you had actually socked Eddy Haskel at least once lol…

  • Mike McCormick says:

    Sending Tony birthday best wishes. My wife and I live on Catalina Island and have fond memories of Tony and His parents (Who lived here) over the years. By the way my wife Marsha just found out today that her and Tony have the same birthday. She turned 62 today. She had a real crush on Tony for many years.

  • Jerry Maloy says:

    Hi Jerry
    I have been a “Leave It To Beaver” basically all my life (I’m 61) because (a) I thought it was great that your name was Jerry, too, and(b) I had an older brother like Wally.
    I have met your brother Jimmy at the “Summer Magic” 50th anniversary screening at the Disney Studios and I am good friends with Kathy Garver, having directed her in three plays here in East Tennessee. One was my stage adaptation of “Summer Magic,” with her playing the Dorothy McGuire role. She has highest regards for both you and Tony Dow, and I believe she had actually interviewed you two for her TV show the day of the “Summer Magic” screening.
    Please extend best regards to Tony Dow for his birthday and thanks to you both for many years of entertainment!
    Jerry Maloy

  • Diane Bruns Freeman says:

    A Very Happy Birthday to you, Tony! I hope you’re enjoying the day. I’m 62 and feel so fortunate to have grown up in a Leave It To Beaver kind of family. (My dear Dad and Mom, me and my little brother) Watching the reruns is almost like going home again.

  • H Baker says:

    Happy Birthday Tony Dow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really enjoyed the show Leave It To Beaver.

  • charles c. plumley says:

    Happy birthday Tony. Very much enjoyed watching Leave it to Beaver as reruns growing up.

  • Adna says:

    I always liked the fact that Tony and I share a birthday. 🙂 Happy birthday from your birthday buddy! 🙂

  • Mary Ellen Lloyd says:

    Happy Birthday to Tony. Tony, you were one of my favorite “kid actors” when I was a kid myself. I liked to watch you and also Bobby Burgess, the Mouseketeer who wound up as a dancer on Lawrence Welk, lol !!

    • biblejoe shoemaker says:

      “AN, very blessed happy happy birthday Tony ( Wally) Dow, I’ve, been an. fan of “Leave it to Beaver since 1963, and still one today, GOD bless, biblejoe,

  • Charles Neumann says:

    Happy Birthday Tony. Loved the series, when it was first on I was a kid too. Being the oldest, I was Wally. Over the years I continue to love the series. I also enjoyed your later acting jobs, guests starring on “Murder She Wrote” and “Diagnosis Murder” but especially on the “New Leave it to Beaver”. I know you are now a successful artist but hope you might act again sometime. Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Rosalina Messer says:

    Happy birthday to you, Tony Dow! I absolutely love Leave It to Beaver.I have been watching it for many years (I’m 58). My 22 year-old daughter really loves it as well. You make us laugh and laugh! I really love watching all of you. Thanks for bringing so much enjoyment into my world. I love the simpler times. You are great actors!

  • Annie Stephens says:

    We met Tony here at a party in Fresno California and he signed all of my Beaver video’s for me! What a guy!! Happy birthday Tony. I feel like you are part of the family! We still watch Leave it to Beaver on tv! We wouldn’t think of missing it!

  • Sue Skinner says:

    Hello Jerry. Happy Birthday to Tony. I have admired many people through the decades of my life…some are considered ‘famous’, some are names that are known only by a few. But I love them all. From the qualities the 2 of you seem to be blessed at expressing through-out your lives, I believe I would be proud to consider you as ‘friends’. I’d like to take this moment to THANK YOU for being a special part of my childhood memories, as well as a comfortable presence in my life today as I watch the ‘Beaver’ episodes almost every evening (on Netflix lol). I would truly love to meet you both, someday, but if not…consider this post as my smile and hug!! Bless you both!!! <3 <3 -Sue Skinner

  • Mary Hawley says:

    Happy Birthday Wally, I’m always watching you and Beaver, On the Leave It To Beaver show, love you guys.

  • James A Capers says:

    Happy Birthday, Tony!

    As a teen, I watched Leave it to Beaver. Now, I am 70. You were a good looking young man, and you still have your good looks. What a blessing! I always appreciated your kind behavior and gentle disposition. Not just anyone could have portrayed that kind of person. You must have that character to be able to put it into your character portrayal. Thank you for sharing it with us. My memory of your temperament, attitude, and behavior still influences me, today. Again, Happy Birthday, Tony.

  • Matt Schiewe says:

    Dear Tony, Jerry, and all the others with the show. Thanks for being part of something that kindly touches many of us. I imagine that although actors are proud of many things in their career, they regret some of the qualities of their characters that really aren’t themselves, yet their public pegs those qualities on them. May I say, please know that you all have done us, the public, a fine thing with your work. Keep your thoughts positive for yourselves; it always flows out to others, thank you.

  • David Craig says:

    Leave it to beaver was in fact an instatution it’s self. I think of all the generations who grew up with show, it boggles the mind. The mere names of the characters is as American as pie. Ie; Eddie Haskle, you’re talking about a sneaky “wise – ass” or Larry Mondello etc 50+ years later.

  • Boo Douglas says:

    Congratulations on another trip around the sun. I’m 68, and still remember when I swam with you at the beach behind the Pacific Coast Club during an AAU swim meet. Such a crush ! Thankx for the memories. Enjoy your day!

  • Randell A. Klingsmith Jr. says:

    Happy Birthday Tony Dow, and thank you, Jerry, for all the fantastic memories growing up. I still watch the show with my kids, nieces, and nephews, and someday I hope to watch it with my grand kids. Thank you all for a wonderful show.

  • Happy Birthday Tony! I remember watching all you episodes and enjoying and learning from them. It was so cute to see that we had the same bedspread that was on your beds. I’m so glad for the reruns – they make every show new again.

  • I may be just a bit late…but I do hope you had a Grand Birthday Celebration! I still watch the show on Antenna TV…and still get a tremendous Kick out of it!

    Stay Well Tony! Peace!

  • RANDY HARRIS says:


  • Dave Tyler says:

    there is im certain absolutely nothing I can say about “Leave it to Beaver”, that hasn’t already been said. So thanks guys, I enjoyed it. Happy birthday Tony.

  • Lorie Saad says:

    Happy Birthday Tony. I am glad we can still get “Leave It To Beaver” on TV. I hope this birthday is a special one.

  • Ken Gullette says:

    Jerry, I can’t believe Tony is 70. The show really holds up and is still so funny! I was just a few years behind you and watched every week. Thanks for doing this blog and the website. All the best!!

  • Moneco St.Louis, Mo says:

    Hi Jerry, I watch LITB every evening after school, the show ranks as 1 of my all time favorites. Although I’m African American the show taught me much. Just finished watching the Wally’s hair (Jelly Rolle) episode..Up next is Beaver’s report card. Thanks for the great work the cast, producers & writers did on the show. You came 2 St. Louis some time back speaking on psoriasis…I was so disappointed I couldn’t make it out 2 meet you. Take Care & wish you. & yours the best.

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