My wonderful friend and mentor, Hugh Beaumont

Hugh Beaumont

Jerry Mathers and Hugh Beaumont

I actually worked with Hugh Beaumont even before we started shooting Leave it to Beaver.  I was cast with him in a promotional film for Rose Hills Memorial Park. One thing I remember is that during a scene, I was supposed to cry on cue.  Hugh asked me if I had ever done that before and I told him, no. He said, “Put your face into your hands and laugh really hard.  It’s an old actor’s trick because the sound of laughter and crying are very closely related.  Sure enough, I tried it and it worked!  Here is the Rose Hills film:

When we shot the pilot of Leave it to Beaver, Hugh was not the original father.  But, when they re-cast the role for the series, Hugh was one of several people brought in for an audition.  My mother actually suggested for him to go in for the interview!  When I saw him, I was so happy because he was the nice man that I worked with on the Rose Hills shoot.  So, when we read a short scene together, we had a good chemistry and Hugh got the part of Ward Cleaver.  I was very glad that he was picked for the role and we had a wonderful friendship for his entire life until he passed away in 1982 from a heart attack.  Hugh and my dad had become friends and he occasionally came to our house to play cards with my father and some of his friends.

What most people don’t know is that Hugh was an ordained minister before Leave it to Beaver.  He graduated with a Master of Theology degree in 1946 from the University of Southern California (USC).  Hugh had a long and illustrious career and did many films and television series in addition to Leave it to Beaver.  One of his most famous characters was Michael Shayne who he played in 5 films.  He was a hard drinking, heavy cigarette smoking detective in this part, in the style of Mickey Spillane.  I think he was much more comfortable as Ward Cleaver because it fit his ‘real life” personality so much better!

As I mentioned above, here are some of my mother’s cherished memories of Hugh and how she was so instrumental in having him cast as Ward Cleaver!



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  • Jerry, I was surprised and pleased to know that Hugh was an ordained minister along side his acting career. Most ministers were unable to survive on church offerings at that time. I can understand taking a job that actually paid some bills. It’s all interesting..

  • Hugh Beaumont was a real to life dad! Iam glad that he was up for the role,because the first father in Leave It To Beaver,did not seem to have the chemistry for the show….besides he had a cigaret in his hand! 🙁

  • Mike Cline says:

    I have always thought that Hugh Beaumont never received the credit, industry-wide, he deserved for being an incredible actor. I have never seen Hugh in a role in which he was not totally believable. Hugh’s Ward Cleaver, to me, wasn’t an actor playing a part, but more a real person. Spencer Tracy was known for saying, “Never let them catch you acting.” I NEVER caught Hugh Beaumont.

  • James K. says:

    I spot Hugh Beaumont from time to time in movies on TCM and old TV shows. I remember him in The Mole People but he’ll always be Ward Cleaver!

  • Renato says:

    Thanks for sharing your memories from the show. I could never picture Hugh Beaumont as anyone other than Ward Cleaver. Or any of the other cast members as anything but the characters they portrayed. You couldn’t have a better role model for a father.

  • Paul says:

    Jerry, I’m in Memphis, and my great aunt was high school sweethearts with Hugh Beaumont. I never knew anything about it until I was in my twenties. I found a poem that he wrote to her in one of her old scrapbooks. Whenever I asked her about him, she would just say how nice he was. She did tell me that he went to Humes High School (called Northside back then), where Elvis went. I’ve read that he graduated from a boarding school in Chattanooga, but he definitely was at Humes as an underclassman. I looked the Beaumonts up in the 1920 census, and they lived at 925 McLemore – right across the street from what would eventually become Stax Records.

  • Lydia Hart says:

    Thank you for your facebook account.I have enjoyed reading about all of the “Leave It To Beaver” family. My son put all 234 episodes on Net Flex for me and even when my grandchildren come over they want to watch “Leave It To Beaver”!! I just finished watching one about the english test and he got a 96 on it because it was the same test that Wally had let them study off of. Beaver was honest and talked to his father and the teacher about it. My 9 yr old granddaughter watched with great interest………..what a good example for young kids!!!!

  • Jon says:

    Thanks for all the personel stuff about a man who was always on top of his game in his role of Ward Cleaver. He played the father roll so well that todays male figures could take a hint by his actions with his family. May you rest in Peace Ward Cleaver (Hugh Baumount) and your sprit will be with us for an eternity.

  • Rena says:

    My young son and I just started watching LITB and he loves it but unfortunately it comes on at 11 pm too late for him to watch it everyday. I wish I could get all the episodes on DVD or something. Not only is the show a lot of fun but has very good lessons for young children which are still very relevant today.

  • Rena says:

    Oops, husband just told me to look at the link for the DVDs available on this page. So glad they are available on Amazon! Time to get me a nice present;-)

    • jerry johnson says:

      Jerry,Im Jerry too,in St.Louis. I agree with everyone,I nevet saw “acting”
      on LItB. It was a place I always wanted to be. I can watch it over & over.
      Im 59 and have watched it about my entire life.
      I looked on line,the house is still standing,but the happy isnt in the picture now Love all of you.

  • Mary Ann Charlton says:

    Always watching Beaver on Netflix. Also have all the episodes on DVD. Just love the late 50s early 60s life. It was a great era. It was a simpler time. I just love it when June is doing housework in her pearls and pretty 50s dress. I love it when Ward reminesces about his childhood. I never realized how handsome he was. I remember June and Ward when they were old enough to be my parents now I am older than them! On parenting skills, one of my favorite expressions is “what would Ward Cleaver do in this situation?” Any way it was a great show and perfectly cast. Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers, and their friends especially Eddie Haskel were always a great addition to every episode. I am also a fan of Richard Deacon. Love his portrayal of Fred Rutherford and Mel Cooley in the Dick Van Dyke series. Thanks for hours of entertainment and fond memories of the past!

  • Steve Frye says:

    It is curious that now being near 60 years old, I should find at last a show that has captured my heart as deeply as Leave It To Beaver. Every time I watch an episode on Netflix, I without fail wish these shows were broadcast every.evening at prime time. Not simply because of the entertainment, but more importantly for the indispensable moral value contained in each episode. They teach us how family life is supposed to be, and for many of us who’ve never experienced the wholesome environment of such loving, caring and instructive parents, it really makes me and I’m sure many of us sad to compare our own childhood in contrast,

    America and it’s current entertainment have become a cesspool of degeneracy and immorality. Having time capsules like Leave It To Beaver, Andy Griffith and some others, show us with the clarity of a diamond bullet, just how far America has fallen.

    With a heartfelt sincerity and gratitude I wish to thank Jerry Mathers, Hugh Beaumont, Barbara Billingsly and Tony Dow for making our lives a bit brighter.

    Be well and God Bless you all…………

  • Ron Cartwright says:

    Hugh actually graduated from South Side in Memphis which would agree with the family address of 925 McLemore which is in South Memphis. I went to that school and remember a picture of him in the trophy case. He was a football player and later played at UT Chattanooga.

  • Dean Fonville says:

    Born in 1960, I grew up with Hugh Beaumont on tv. Till this day watching the shows meessage is a testament to all on the show and the lessons you taught and which are still important but rarely seen today. The way Hugh Beaumont played the part so similar to those days fathers. Those little lessons of life NEVER go out of style…..but sadly they have and those “little” lessons are needed more than ever today. Hugh Beaumont made those lessons by the love of a father were played so honestly and genuinely that it made an impression to many of kids , but maybe we just did not know at the time.. Thank you for your gift of the doing the right thing in your portrayal as Ward Cleaver …. it was and will always be needed. Thanks and God Bless

  • BETH says:

    I love Hugh Beaumont and the Leave It To Beaver cast. I bought the whole series and still watch them. They were so sweet and innocent. I miss those times.

  • BETH says:

    Beaver was as cute as a button….I can’t believe someone that young could act like he could. Amazing!

  • Sarah says:

    When I watch Leave it to Beaver
    I feel comfort I feel relaxed. And I feel warm inside It takes me back to a better America When life for many was just like that.
    I had great parents. In life in the 1950s Was a wonderful time for kids
    Anyways where I grew up it was.
    And I do thank all those actors
    Who provided all these wonderful memories Of America way back then.

  • Sarah says:

    Though the church could not afford to pay Hugh Beaumont When he applied to be a pastor. Still by playing Ward Cleaver He was a big blessing to America.
    His role as Ward Cleaver Is a sermon in itself.

  • Gene says:

    I love watching leave it to beaver. I grew up in the 70s and the 80s and I always liked watching these
    old show’s on tv. Now I enjoy watching these old shows on netflix regular tv isn’t like it used to be.
    I also wanted to thank you jerry and the whole cast of leave it to beaver for putting warmth, morality, and family values in peoples homes for all of these years. We need more shows like this these day.

  • rob pineault says:

    I loved hugh Beaumont and was glad when I found out he was a minister. a great man and godly

  • Bryan says:

    I grew up in the 60’s & 70’s and watched Leave It To Beaver quite a bit. Now my ten year old twin girls watch it everymorning before school and they love it. I like to hear them laugh at the simple, yet meaningful situations on the show. I’m glad there are still re-runs of it.

  • Carol says:

    I recently discovered ME tv and have been able to watch 1 hour of Leave it to Beaver every day this summer. The show was perfectly cast and Hugh Beaumont did an exceptional job. I find it so comforting to watch these episodes and enjoy the earlier seasons as much as the last, season 7.

  • Karen Kasprowicz says:

    Now that I am retired, I can watch LITB every morning on ME TV. I enjoyed it when I was younger because the kids were always getting into mischief but now I watch it from the perspective of a good family show. The kids weren’t always perfect and neither were the parents. I think it was really ahead of its time for showing that dad is not always right and is not afraid to admit to making mistakes. I agree that the chemistry between all the cast members was great.

  • Bob Lesher says:

    I Probably watch three episodes per week of ‘Leave It To Beaver’ via MeTV. I still find the show endearing & engaging. The cast had that very magic chemistry that one finds in very few television shows. One has no problem in believing they are a real family. Hugh Beaumont reminds much of my Stepfather, who exhibited the fairness, the parenting skills Ward Cleaver. May this fine series run forever.

  • Michael Keen says:

    Too me, Leave It to Beaver is the “comfort food” of television. I’ve been watching the show since I was a small boy in 1957. Never tire of the show nor the entire cast. Recently saw Hugh Beaumont on TCM in The Blue Dahlia with Alan Ladd . Great movie!

  • George McGaffin says:

    The Leave it to Beaver show was my all time favorite show growing up. I started watching the right from the beginning.
    I am sixty years old and started grammar school in 1959, and clearly remember watching the show before heading of to school.
    Like many kids, I to wish I had parents that listened before hitting, and tv parent’s always seemed to understand their children. I wanted so bad to have Ward Clever for a father. Hugh Beaumont must have been one of the nicest men to work with.
    I will always have good memories of watching the show. I also have all the seasons on dvds.

  • Katie says:

    My husband and I have been binging on Leave it to Beaver episodes on Netflix for a week now. We started on the very first episode and I think we are half way through season 2. What a fantastic show! I think we’re officially obsessed. Such a smart show!

  • Steve Pettyjohn says:

    The entire cast was great…as are all the episodes to this day. I’ve me Tony Dow and Ken Osmond over the years-very nice guys, too. Mosher & Connelly were the creators of many great shows-“Amos & Andy” & “The Munsters”, too!

  • Carlyle says:

    I love watching LITB every am with coffee on ME TV. I am a few years younger than Jerry Mathers and recall watching the show with my entire family when it was originally broadcast. I had dear parents that were so similar to Ward & June and I grew up with love, values and understanding that the show so effectively displays. My folks are no longer with us but somehow watching this touching little show takes me back to the carefree days of my childhood and the freedom to “roam” the neighborhood! Children of today will never know how that freedom fostered independence and creativity! Now they are insulated with bike helmets, knee pads and heavily structured activities, computers and video games keep them indoors and sedentary! I am so glad this little show lives on for the inner kid in all of us.

  • Elba Pilrose says:

    I’m on the second cyle of watching the entire series and I just love LITB. I have it playing on my IPad mini as I clean up the kitchen at night. It’s a prefect way to end the day! I just love Hugh Beaumont as a father and husband and the dialogue between him and the Beaver is so smooth and well-scripted. There is only one episode that I can think of where Ward Cleaver acted implusively (out-of-character) and that is in season 1 where Ward and June notice the liquor and beauty cream dissapearing and Ward just grabs the arm of the cleaning lady and escorts her out the door. His character would have taken the time to investigate and ask the cleaning lady some questions, not just “sack” her.

    I love their family dinners, washing up, and sitting together at the table with real serving dishes. I love June and Ward’s evening routine, coffee and reading in the living room served from a porcelain service. I love June’s dresses and the fact that she wears them more than once. I love that the boys share a room, eventhough they have another spare bedroom. I love that young men would wear a sport coat for a date. I love that you could let your young kids go off on a Saturday, as long as they came home for lunch. I love the grooming standards that were expected, maybe even demanded, back then.

    The LITB universe is not a perfect world, but our present world could benefit from some things from that era, such as the politeness and respect people used with each other, the impecable grooming that was customary, and the family support and structure that is emphasized.

  • Ron Gatlin says:

    I love Leave It To Beaver! It brings me back to my childhood, a simpler time. The moral values taught in each episode are lessons for all of us to learn.

  • frank pratt says:

    Fortunately, I get to see one of my favorite of all time serials, The Leave It To Beaver show on weekday mornings on Met TV. . The stars of this program made it what it was. Just good honest and believable entertainment that reflected the times of the 50’s and 60s. The chemistry among the actors was great and the producers, directors, and writers of the scripts applied only real life situations to the shows.

  • Phil says:

    I grew up watching the show and still go back and watch episodes weekly. It brings me back to better and simpler times. A great gift.

  • Fae Danner says:

    My all-time favorite show! I am 76 and wake up every morning to watch the show at 8 AM on ME TV. It puts me in a good mood for the day. I don’t care how many times I see the same episode, I’ll choose them above anything they show now. Such good morals for then and, certainly, for now! I can’t thank you enough; I know some are now gone. God bless you!

  • Hap Wysocki says:

    Leave It To Beaver is still awesome. Awesome? you may say. Definitely. My husband Bob and I watch it every night
    on Netflix. It keeps us aware of the lost standards and vacant morals today,when compared with the past. It is fun, laughable,and totally real. Real for how it was for a lot of us in the past. Thanks to the whole cast including, Eddie, Lumpy, Larry, Whitey, Toohey, Chester, Judy and Gus at the firehouse.

  • Deborah Marshall says:

    Having read all these previous comments I have nothing new to add. But I do want to emphasize just what a comfort it is to watch and revisit life in the 50’s & early 60’s. Children today are robbed of the easy going life in those times. When we would go out to play and maybe check in for lunch! Our imaginations were endless discoveries of ourselves and our world. LITB is an historical record of those times and an instructional mouthpiece for how we should pattern our lives and the lives of our families. The family is the bedrock of a great civilization. Leave it to Beaver teaches us how to rebuild that bedrock that seems to be eroding all around us.

  • Lee Sprecker says:

    Grew up in Chicago just off of Irving park. Grade school early 50s so much of the show I can relate to. My friends and I would roam all around the area on our own all of the time. Now I read where some parents are in trouble because they let their children go to the park unattended. The world has not gotten better just nastier. How dare the Cleaver parents visit an old man at a fire station! He might molest them or kidnap them! Dem were the days.

  • Michael Gibson says:

    Leave It To Beaver was the best made show on television. The acting was perfect and so were the stories. Truly professional and that says a lot when a lot of the scenes were left to Wally and Beaver to carry the action. I’m watching the canoe episode where eventually word gets out that a girl’s life was saved on the lake! Too funny. Hugh Beaumont was always on his game. Just a great actor who gets no mention at all when it comes to tv greats. I wished Hugh had been able to be a regular on Hawaii Five-O. He would have been a super addition to that cast. By the way, I did get to meet Jerry Mathers at our tv station one morning. He was on the news show and my wife and I got up at 6am to drive over to the station even though I didn’t work on the newscast until later in the day. He was super nice and posed for a picture with us. I think we should all thank everyone connected with this show and be grateful that it got on the air and stayed on the air for as long as it did.

  • Anthony Chiaravalloti says:

    I love watching LITB now that I am retired and it’s winter I will have Leave It To Beaver Marathons I can’t tell you how many times I have watched these shows and I do have my favorites but the 50s and early 60s were great times to be a kid and watching these shows and seeing the cars and the settings just take me back to a better time of life although I’m always a little sad when I watch the last show that recaps all the earlier shows it seems like the end of an era and reminds me of the end of my childhood. It was nice when you made a remake of Still the Beaver and it was good to see you all but was sad that Ward Cleaver had died although you tried to include him with flashbacks it wasn’t quite the same but I applaud your effort to ring back such a great show good luck with any future indevors and thanks for the memories

  • Bob Hoogeboom says:

    I just discovered Leave it to Beaver on This TV. What a treasure. They just don’t make shows like that any more I would not hesitate to watch it with the grandchildren and that cannot be said about a majority of what is on now As I watch our children and grandchildren grow up I hope that I can be as much of a positive influence as Hugh was to his TV family

  • Denis Tholey says:

    I grew watching Leave it to Beaver! It was the greatest show of it’s time. I always love watching. it and kept watching show after show of so many repeats.Excellent. morals family TV Show. Hugh Beaumont, Barbara. Billinsley, Tony Dow, Jerry Mathers as the “Beaver”. You can’t say enough about this TV Show of how there acting was so superb,original,excellent, show after show, I never will ever get tired of watching these beautiful LITB series of shows.Television today there is nothing to watch. Keep. Leave it to. Beaver on forever. Hugh Beaumont portrayed. Ward Cleaver the best of any TV show Father. His acting and Barbara. Billingsley acting also are best example of Parents of raising children. with. Love and Concern. God Bless them all who played in this TV series. Can’t say enough about LITB. Thank You for still viewing it.

  • Bob Adao says:

    I love the “love affair” that Ward and June had. Their kisses and eye contact revealed their marital passion to all who watched the show. Of course they were acting but the mutual respect and friendship for each other shines through. My wife and I (60+) have a great routine where we watch LITB daily on Netflix!

  • Hal Pritzker says:

    I kneow Beaumont was a good actor, and very likeable in the “Beaver” program, but…during WW II, when our country had been attacked, and the world’s safety was at stake, he called himself a conscientious objector and wouldn’t actively serve. Why, then, wasn’t he blackballed in the entertainment industry?

    • Hugh Beaumont, because of his religious views as an ordained Methodist minister, was a conscientious objector. However, he did serve in WW II as an army medic.

  • Jim Rudge says:

    Thank you Jerry for setting the record straight. Watching reruns right now. Your tv family is reminiscent of my own. Grew up watching the original series. Thank you for a GREAT show.

  • Lynn K. Adair (Mr.) says:

    Yes, I would have loved to have had a father like Ward Cleaver. He had so many great qualities in the series, but I also know that in real like he was a great man and Christian.

  • Mark says:

    My favorite show to watch as a kid!! It so reminds me of when I was a kid. I was just like an Eddie Haskell!

  • Larry says:

    Leave It To Beaver is a much loved tv series.Ward when I was a kid I thought he was such a nice, wise and kind man and dad, he’s a fantastic role model of a wonderful dad.Miss Landers I love her.

  • Earl says:

    Perhaps this has been reported. I was watching a “Cheyenne,” the old western series. A sign read, “Hugh Beaumont, Marshall.” I wonder if that was an inside joke or just a coincidence. I don’t know the year of the episode.

  • Sharon says:

    Cannot get enough of Beaver and the family…….loved Ward,will always have a great feeling every time I watch reruns!!!Hope it never goes stops being aired somewhere!!!!! Have all episodes but still love watching it on TV!!!! Will be 61 in Dec. and hope I still see it in my 100’s

  • Scott says:

    This was an amazing show and Hugh Beaumont epitomized the perfect dad, measured, loving and engaging. Although June always dressed to the nines and Ward wearing his suit to dinner was not realistic, his fatherly advice couldn’t be any more American. We miss that simple life. It wasn’t a mirage or a dream. It actually existed I tell my children.

  • Marc says:

    A timeless show filled with deceivingly clever and insightful scripts. Hugh Beaumont played his part superbly. Both Hugh ( Ward ) and the rest of the cast created an indelible image of what life could have been, should have been, and possibly once was, for a short period of time, but will never be again. Our loss.

    • Anna says:

      I get my “Leave It To Beaver” fix most weekday mornings on Antennae TV in the Phoenix AZ area. Jerry, thanks for these wonderful comments and insight on Hugh Beaumont. I love these shows as well as others from the time such as Andy Griffith show, Mr. Ed, etc. They just don’t make shows like they used to. Wish the world really was this way. I get a great feeling from watching the old reruns. Wish all parents could be as great as Ward and June Cleaver!

  • Jack Nelson says:

    Hi Jerry,

    I’ve been a life-long fan of your show and we have just recently started watching again. It’s wonderful, clean and timeless! Being an ordained minister myself, I can vouch for the show’s AAA rating. it could be shown in any Sunday School setting with a valid lesson to be learned…unlike the terrible stuff on today’s sitcoms. Jerry, I love all the cast members and wish you all God’s greatest blessings. If you get the chance please visit my website and get inspired! Take care!!


  • janethwayne says:

    Me and my man watched Leave it to Beaver until now and we do that everyday because it is a brilliant show and the cast are awesome too.We love it.

  • David Merifield says:

    I have tried EVERYTHING to find the movie STILL THE BEAVER, circa 1981 to no avail. Please somebody, HELP

  • Steve Simon says:

    I love the television series Leave it to Beaver. I have many episodes on DVD. Whenever I need a pick me up from the crazy world that we live in today I just put a Leave it to Beaver DVD in and take myself back to a time that reminds me of my own childhood. I have watched most of the episodes dozens and dozens of times and never get tired of them. Thanks Beaver and Wally for all of the good memories.
    Steve and Sandy Simon Akron, Ohio

  • Gary Denton says:

    I have been a fan of the Leave it to Beaver show for 40 years. The acting back then was amazing, really felt like they weren’t acting at all. Glad to have this show as part of my up bringing.

  • Gary Denton says:

    An amazing show that I have watched for over 40 years, amazing acting and a joy to watch in a daily basis. I introduced this wonderful sitcom to my children so they could see real acting!!

  • Rhonda Tuman says:

    I really liked Hugh. I especially enjoyed the early years. He seemed so much more relaxed and comfortable; his sense of humor was rich. I saw the memorial video not too long ago, I was surprised to see them, first I thought it was a lark.
    I watch your show every day. It reminds me of a time of civility and genuineness.

    Thank you.

  • Jim says:

    I cried when he died…was like losing my actual father. He was my favorite actor and LTB was my favorite show .

  • Jana Fedoriska says:

    I had an unfortunate childhood, so I used to pretend “Ward and June” were my parents. I still watch and it kind of feels like watching home movies.

  • donna t says:

    I knew he was an ordained minister. What a great example he must have been to all the young people on the set. He left this world too soon, but how proud and honored he would be to know you remembered him today.

  • Marianne Cioffi says:

    I grew up in the late sixties, early seventies and watched Leave it to Beaver everyday. Loved it then and still love it!! So many of the episodes were so true to our everyday life, maybe that’s why so many of us have such a connection.
    I’m in my fifties now, and where I live it comes on weekdays at 11:00 am. I enjoy watching it and make it my business to be home to watch it. It gives me such a warm, homey feeling to hear that theme song, I feel like I’m a young kid again. I love the characters, Ward, June, Wally, and of course The Beaver. I love seeing June in the kitchen cooking, reminds me of my mom…and Ward….so much like my dad; a caring, loving dad! 🙂

  • Kim Meyer says:

    Leave it to Beaver was one of the BEST shows on TV!!! My husband and I watch it all the time and our boys watch it also!! Out favorite episode was when Beaver got a hair cut!!!! That had to be the funniest episode ever!!! I wish TV shows today were like they were back in the 50’s and 60’s. I’m so glad I was brought up in the era where I had the opportunity to watch shows such as Leave it to Beaver, The Donna Reed Show etc…. Thanks Jerry for great TV back then

  • Diane Carey says:

    Jerry, I remember Leave it to Beaver very well. We could use more shows like it today. I’m so glad that you had a good friend like him.

  • jean says:

    Whatched all the leave it to beavers shows wish life was like That now ……..sorry BEAVER. but i was in love with wally………your show was the best…i even liked EDDIE………What a wonderfull show……..

  • Rodney Gustafson says:

    I think the fact he was a minister, made his role as Ward Cleaver so much important as a father image he projected through his message to you Beaver and Wally. All the little talk he disscused and even the little boy still to this day echo in my memories watching Leave To Beaver! even at 63 year old!! Thank for memories you little squirt!!!

  • janet sutter says:

    I watched LITB religiously as a child and loved it. I have watched reruns over the years and never tire of it. My kids, now parents themselves watched it, I would like to think that they are decent human beings and good parents partly because of seeing this show as children themselves. I agree with comments above, I wish this kind of program was on prime time now, little kids and parents need to have a role model that is a good choice.

  • Pete vescovo says:

    My dad was friends with Hugh in Memphis. He owned a grocery store on mclemore and Hugh lived in the neighborhood. They stayed in touch until my dad died in 1970. According to my dad, Hugh was a great guy.

  • Dennis Robert Pepin says:

    Hi Jerry! I really like the way you reach out to your fans from so long ago using this format. I must have seen every single episode of LITB many times. but I always find it entertaining. And at my age, {67} I still find it truly amazingly interesting and funny. I really had a great respect for Barbara Billingsley. She played your mom so masterfully. Hugh was a great father figure, too. I also had a real crush on Miss Landers. I just recently learned of her passing. Such a shame. Frank Bank and Eddy Haskell were a couple of real riots. I could not believe the amount of trouble you managed to get yourself into every week, also. Well thank you very much for all the laughs week after week. They are some of the best memories of my youth. God bless you and yours.

  • Harold "Beaver" Green says:

    “Leave it to Beaver” made me famous in grade school! “Beaver” was my nickname when I was born in 1953 before the show even started. Not only did I have Jerry’s T.V. name “Beaver” starting school, I bore a striking resemblance, to him also, black tapered haircut, freckles, and had a tall curly hair brother named “Chuck”. In first grade, when T.V. was rather new, small 5-6 year old kids had a hard time distingushing realty from T.V. shows. Some of these K-1st graders actually thought I was the T.V. Beaver! It was great! These kids would come up to me and look at me and say “You are him!” They even started calling my older brother Chuck, “Wally”! I was famous, and even had kids wanting my autograph, and I couldn’t hardly write yet. I have to say I was really blessed! The T.V. show was great, and we lived the times the show portrayed; it couldn’t get any better! Thank you Jerry, for making me famous in grade school, and being a part of a era of wholesome lifestyles, and spiritual values. All glory to God!

  • Debra Washington says:

    I really liked Ward. He played a really loving understanding father patient too. Interesting he was an Ordained Minister previous to playing Beavers father. That really fits him perfectly. Thank you for sharing that. God Rest his soul.

  • Bob Esler says:

    I recorded “Eddie’s Sweater” and just can’t stop watching the last ten minutes. The”bond” between June and Ward is incredible and watching Eddie sock Wally is priceless, I am sorry to say. Probably my favorite TV sit-com of all time. I am 63. Ah, the days of innocence. Thanks again, Jerry, for bringing out growing up through the eyes of a little kid.

  • Martha Underwood says:

    I always liked the fact that it was easy to see that he truly liked boy of you boys as if you were his own. He was genuine and very professional and I liked that he could provide some humor at times also. What a wonderful experience for you to have the chance to work with someone like him.

  • Jim Dombeck says:

    Interesting anecdotes about one of my all time favorite tv shows. People make fun of LITB but it didn’t portray life as perfect as some say…Ward does lose his temper and gets frustrated sometimes! Of course June does calm him down! It should be clear who was REALLY in charge in that family!

  • Andres Mendoza says:

    I was happy to hear he was deeply religious and I can figure it made it easier for him to play the part. Somehow I believe he must have been pretty much like Ward Cleaver in person. I believe he left many teachings to fathers in that show.

  • Elizabeth says:

    I work with kids, families & adults as a counselor. Other than pretty young kids, almost everyone, after a certain age, knows of , or has seen LITB; albeit it may just be snippets. All ages, except the very young kids, often know the characters. And Almost everyone has an “Eddie Haskell” or two in their life!

  • Rich Liston says:

    I have been searching for any records or other proof that Hugh did serve as an Army medic during WWII (even if only state-side), but I find nothing and his list of credits show him pretty busy in Hollywood during all the war years. I’m afraid it really does bug me that he might have profited while peers died in foreign lands. My wife and I are enjoying going through every episode (like others on this blog), and I want it to be true that he did at least serve a little…so, please if anyone has any proof what-so-ever, please post it.

  • Annette Bolton says:

    My son and I watch Leave it to Beaver every day. I often watch it alone. I’ll never tire of this classic. I look forward to meeting all of you on the other side!

  • I was in grammar school in the 1950’s, so I grew up on Leave It to Beaver. My parents looked and acted like Ward and June. I had a younger sister, so our antics and interactions were similar to Wally’s and Beaver’s. LITB was REAL to me. I loved growing up in this simpler, safer, family-centered time.
    As a teenager in San Francisco, I went to hear a band and was excited when Tony Dow made an appearance on stage. Plenty of my peers had crushes on him, as I did.

  • Mr.Mathers,I too suffer from diabetes,and try to eat properly.I stopped eating meat,and more vegetables,kale,and others I love my fruits,and nuts,walnuts,almonds and other healthy foods,and vitamins,I will try to go back to the gym to slim down,I now weigh 153 lbs.but still need to shed the fat,.God bless,love your show.My birthday is also in june,on the 5th.Marty.

  • Ann-Marie says:

    Leave it to Beaver is one of my favorite shows although it was before my time. I think it’s sad that television is no longer what it was in the 50’s and 60’s. It”s quite unfortunate that it’ll never be that great again. Hugh was definitely a great man. Quite refreshing to learn he was a minister and possessed the same wonderful values in real life that he did on the show. 🙂

  • Paul C. says:

    In the late 1970’s or early 1980’s, there was a photo published of a Leave it To Beaver cast reunion which included Beaumont. I think it also included actress Jeri Weil, and if memory serves, it was published in a tabloid such as the National Enquirer. I’ve never seen any photos of this reunion published again – am I remembering this correctly?

  • Scott LaPres says:

    I was born in July 1965, so I was a bit late for LITB. But today, I get to watch 2 episodes a day. What a wholesome, down to earth show about a little boy growing up. The whole cast works great together and really portrays the simple days back then. There’s a LITB marathon on antenna TV on Labor Day, Sept 5th. Can’t wait!!

  • Gina says:

    Leave it to Beaver is one of my all time FAVORITE shows!! I find it so warm and comforting! Although, much before my time I often wish that I were around in the 50’s & 60’s! Life seemed just so neat, not to mention much different than today. I’m SO glad I stumbled across your site. It’s so fun to be able to read so many fun facts. The episodes all conveyed a lesson, which is so wonderful and timeless. Looking forward to the upcoming marathon!! I’m going to share Leave it to Beaver with my young nieces!

  • raymond weeks says:

    to this day i still enjoy watching my collection of leave it to beaver show . I grew up during the 60,s and 70,s and enjoyed watching the show .Ward was the perfect father in the show i learned alot from him and it became very useful in my growing up in alot of ways ward reminded me of ;my own father.I looked at the kids these days and they are disappointing to see the way they are raised ,they don,t seem to have any respect for anything i think they could have learned alot from Ward the same i did. The shows they put on television these days are some of the reasons why they act the way they do.I think they should produce more shows the way they used to like leave it to beaver with more good values and so much violence,but i guess thats what sells its a shame to see how are world has become.well i am sure glad i found this site so i could remember the way it was.

  • John Taormino says:

    To ALL Leave it To Beaver cast members and FANS,
    Hugh Beaumont was a true MESSENGER of God, sent directly from Heaven. We, who have had the luxury of knowing him through this show, are very fortunate to be able to know and love Mr. Beaumont through Leave It To Beaver.
    May almighty God Bless all those who made and participated in the making of this most revered show from Televisions Golden Age!!!!

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