Leave it to Beaver “Beaver Fever” t-shirts and sweatshirts!

Leave it to Beaver – “Beaver Fever” t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for my LITB fans!

Leave it to Beaver "Beaver Fever" t-shirts and sweatshirts are available!

I’m very excited that my first ever limited edition t-shirts and sweatshirts are available for all of my Leave it to Beaver fans!  The items can be selected click in the Style box which will help you choose the items and sizes.  You can find the them here:  www.represent.com/jerry


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  • Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your fellow cast members for giving us all those great years of the Cleaver clan. My wife and I raised our 2 boys watching “Beaver” as we did ourselves growing up. The show was always a welcome addition to our household and we still enjoy it to this day. It makes us feel very pleased to see our two grown son’s making Leave it to Beaver a part of their children’s television viewing. What an inspirational and entertaining way to spend all of our time growing up on the values and morality of your show. What a shame that TV has taken the turn it has over the past few decades.
    At 62 years old I enjoy watching the show even more today than when it ran in the 50’s and 60’s. You’ll never know how much good you did in building character and values in young kids and continue to do so today. God bless.

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