Jerry Day 1

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5 Responses to Jerry Day 1

  • ken rice says:

    Mr. Mathers, I need to get a Beaver Fever shirt, they are very cool. Are there any more left? Fingers crossed….

  • Dr. Jeffrey michael wiener says:

    Been a big fan for some 50 years….was wondering if you get residules from the show since it is still on the air…i hope you do..would greatly appreciate a signed photo of yourself or with the cast….if i recall i read somewhere that barbara billingsly was not getting paid residules after 10 years and was fighting that until she died…if you ever get down my way i will try and see you…thanks for many years of entertainment and leaving swell messages to american families…i am dr. Jeffrey michael wiener 2119 south atlantic avenue apt 209 daytona beach shores florida 32118 my cell phone is 386 315 7428…again thanks…jeff

  • YADIRA says:

    It’s been my favorite show ever . Eventhough I was not born yet , I really love the show and I am still watching all the reruns every single day with out any interruption . I would greatly appreciate a signed photo of yourself or with the cast . I really thank you and all of the cast members for giving us so much of those wonderful years of joy from the show Leave It To beaver . Thank you Mr. Jerry Mathers for supporting Diabetes and you’ll always have my vote , go Beaver !!!!
    Hugs and kisses , love you Beaver . The little brother I always wanted to have . I am not sure if I’ll be able to go to New Jersey as I had planned , I hope I can make it .

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