Leave it to Beaver Thanksgiving Marathon on Antenna TV!

While you are enjoying your Thanksgiving turkey feast, sit back, relax,and watch all your friends Ward (Hugh Beaumont), June (Barbara Billingsley), Wally (Tony Dow), Eddie (Ken Osmond), Lumpy (Frank Bank), Larry Mondello (Rusty Stevens), Gilbert Bates (Stephen Talbot) and the rest of the gang!    Enjoy some fun memories along with your pumpkin pie!

The Cleaver Family Marathon starts at midnight ET tonight and features 27 hours of your favorite Leave it to Beaver episodes.  Check your local listings for Antenna TV!

18 Responses to Leave it to Beaver Thanksgiving Marathon on Antenna TV!

  • Sarah Warrington says:

    I am so glad to have a Beaver marathon. I watch Beaver every signal day I also have DVDs. We will definitely enjoy this Thanksgiving with family and Beaver.

  • Sarah Warrington says:

    From my previous post about watching Beaver on Thanksgiving I meant we watch Beaver every SINGLE day I think I need spell check anyway can’t wait for Thanksgiving with Leave it to Beaver!

  • Meredith Potter says:

    Leave It To Beaver is my favorite show, that is how I am going to spend the day by watching all the old shows.

  • glynes says:

    And I may have to wear a housedress, apron & heels to cook dinner! 😎 oh, and a string of pearls! Great memories!

  • Patsy Bowman says:

    I love Leave it to Beaver I can watch reruns ever day and never get tired of them I love you all

  • What station is this. Never heard of it? Live in Spokane WA. I watch Leave it to Beaver every night on Netflix, Would still like to see marathon? Thank You for my Favorite show, was so excited when I got Netflix, watched as a young girl, and with my daughter who just turned 18, I really believe your show is one of the many reasons she is a successful 18 year old. Hope more parents watch with there kids !!! IF they start young they get hooked on the wonderful characters and keep watching. Besides being funny, and cute, and good acting, story’s, etc. you learn important lessons on parenting and being a good person, something most entertainment today doesn’t offer. God Bless You All Love You. Pamela.

  • James K. says:

    I’ll bet June would have cooked up quite the Thanksgiving feast! Thanks for the info, we’ll be watching!

  • Diane Morgan says:

    Wish I had antennae tv…….I LOVE LOVE LOVE LITB…….I grew up watching and still watch daily…..I am also so thrilled to
    be able to see what’s going on in your life and the rest of the cast members……and I am so thankful for this website!!

    • admin says:

      I have always liked your cousin Pat’s work. He was a very gifted character actor and I have always enjoyed his performances. Thank you for being such a loyal fan of LITB!

  • DAVE says:


    I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver. Great show then. Great show now. HAPPY THANKSGIVING BLESSINGS to you and your family.

  • Martie says:

    A GREAT SHOW — one of the best ever made!!! I’m glad my child still has a terrific show to watch on TV! Thanks for the memories, Wally and Beav! 🙂

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