Mother’s Day 2013 with my dear mom Marilyn


Jerry and Marilyn, May 11, 2013




I attended the 2013 MOTHER’S DAY CELEBRATION TALENT GIFTING SUITE with my mom Marilyn, and we had a great time!



19 Responses to Mother’s Day 2013 with my dear mom Marilyn

  • Clarice Stevens says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this event. I’m one of your fans. Watched you all the time growing up and even those reruns on TV now. I feel I’ve grow up with you. Your mom looks good and so are you.

  • Mary Ellen Lloyd says:

    You are lucky like I am to have your mother still with you. At our age, that’s quite a blessing!

  • Roy McKnerney says:

    I would have clapped louder for you for the innocence and morality you represent.

  • Diane Bruns Freeman says:

    So nice that you and your mom could share that event and hope you have a great Mothers Day tomorrow. By the way, Jerry, I noticed in the video that you’re looking quite fit and trim!

  • Joan Lucero says:

    What a great picture of you and your mom! I love it and thank you for sharing with all of us!

  • Diane Bruns Freeman says:

    My husband, Bob, asked me to let you know that he really misses watching Beaver everyday on TV Land. I think he’s having withdrawal symptoms!

    • Toby Russo says:

      Happy Mothers Day, Mrs. Mathers….You must be VERY PROUD of your SON “Jerry”….thanks for sharing.

  • Lynn Stroud says:

    Bless you for honoring your Mom. She is a beautiful lady and you are her handsome son.

  • Mary Griffin says:

    Your Mom does NOT look old enough to be your Mom (no offense to you – but KUDOS to her). Always great to see your posts.

  • Julie L says:

    Thank you for sharing such nice occasions, and also wonderful memories from “Leave it to Beaver”. Great show then, and still today! We need more shows like this today! I miss watching “Leave it to Beaver” in the evening hours. I often wonder why the TV stations make their changes. “Leave it to Beaver” should be on prime time. Thank you for giving so many people such a wonderful program to enjoy! It is so nice to know that there are people of good character. You are famous and still a very good and decent person.

  • Rosemary Brzezinski says:

    Thanks for sharing your mom with us Jerry. And thanks for the enjoyment you still bring us. I still watch the reruns. It was good to grow up with you. Like I said before – you are a breath of fresh air in this troubled world.

  • Mike Lee says:

    Jerry – You are so very lucky (blessed) to have your mother around at this time in your life. I hope you get to celebrate many more Mother’s Days with her!

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