Tribute to Karen Black

Karen Black


Tribute to Karen Black
By Lee Purcell                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I have been trying to write something profound, eloquent and meaningful about the passing of my best friend Karen Black, and it is tough for me…I will say she was the bravest soul possible in these last three difficult years, and still so full of life and curiosity and love and wit and charm. She fought and fought and fought some more, and in the end, went out on her her own terms, just as she lived her life.Her husband Stephen was a saint, he never wavered in his support and adoration of her, and never lost his sense of humor and warmth, even in the most dire of circumstances.Her children Celine, Hunter and Diane showed her the love for which any mother would be eternally grateful. Her loving brother and sister and many other family members stood resolutely by her in these difficult times, and they and her countless friends never gave up. And of, course, her many fans from her long and varied career as one of the greatest actresses who ever lived, prayed and donated and gave her so much love.Some people know she was also a gifted writer, singer, musician, and composer, but not so many know she was additionally a gifted artist, photographer, cook, avid board and word game player and on and on. Karen was truly a Renaissance woman.

For me, she was the big sister I didn’t get by birth, but she found me anyway. She was one of the first people I met when I became a working Hollywood actress, and it was my privilege to call her my best friend for my entire adult life, and I will miss her beyond words, but I am happy for her to be free of pain and… just free. We will see her again, and it will be gloriously and unmistakably her.

So, my dear spiritual soul sister, no RIP for you, because I know you won’t.  Not a fat chance!  But, rather, Bon Voyage, see you later, gator…miss you already and always.


12 Responses to Tribute to Karen Black

    • robert amico says:

      Karen was very speccial and very talented…i dis a Henry Jaglom film with her, class act…she has my heart…

  • Mary Cooper says:

    So very sorry for your loss. May God embrace and nurture those who are left behind. Knowing that you will be reunited down the road is such a comfort. Just keep your memories close.

  • Vince Iuliano says:

    a wonderful actress and part of all our lives…Gatsby, Easy Rider, all those indelible moments that live forever.

  • Francis S. says:

    Wonderfully written Jerry. Each word brought to life your love for her and the friendship you shared. May her memories always be bright, may they always bring warmth to your heart, and a gentle smile to your face.

  • Ed Duncan says:

    What a lovely and loving tribute! Bon voyage, indeed. Fell a little bit in love with Karen after seeing Five Easy Pieces.

  • Sherry Cornwell says:

    What a beautiful piece of work you wrote for her Lee. I know she looks down and cherishes each word. Such a strong, brave, young woman — God Bless her family and may God give them some peace in their hearts during this time.

  • Linda Crotts says:

    What a beautiful tribute to a great actress. Karen was lucky to have such a dear friend.

  • Marianne King says:

    I saw the recent remake of Great Gatsby and it reminded me of Karen Black’s wonderful performance in the Robert Redford version.

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