Eddie Haskell – America’s Bad Boy!

Here is the newly released book about my dear, lifelong friend Ken Osmond!           I was very honored to write the Foreward…

“When child actor Ken Osmond stepped onto the set of Leave it to Beaver in 1957, he not only entered our living rooms, he homesteaded a permanent place in the American pop culture. The poster child for sneaky, rotten kids everywhere, he was the reference point for cautious mothers to warn their children about.  And everyone in America knew an Eddie Haskell at some point in his or her lives….”


Here’s the E-Book


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    • YADIRA says:

      Eddie Haskell was such a character and unique . I really have to get a copy of his book , can you please tell me where can I get a copy of his book ?

  • I’ll definitely have to get a copy. I wonder if Ken mentions his time in the California Army National Guard, and any relates anything about when he and fellow Guardsman Tony Dow would come to Camp Roberts for their Annual Training. They’re both featured on our Wall of Fame at the Camp Roberts Historical Museum, along with the stars who came here for their basic training during WWII, like Red Skelton, Steve Allen, Steve Reeves, and Robert Mitchum, and our Korean War-era trainees like Bob Newhart, Plas Johnson and Robert Fuller. We would certainly welcome Ken and Tony if they ever have a chance to come up this way (halfway between L.A. and San Francisco, on US Hwy. 101). What an iconic American TV series! As the volunteer curator of the museum–the largest Army museum in California–I’d be glad to give them the tour of our many exhibits and vehicles. Just see our web site for hours and contact information.

    • Heide Unger says:

      I believe Don Grady (Robbie in My Three Sons) also went to basic training at Camp Roberts. My dad was one of his Drill Sergeants.

  • Dolores says:

    Jerry, is there any chance that Ken Osmond will be selling any autographed books on your site? Will it only be sold as an e-book or will there be a hard copy of the book available?

    • Peggy Blazer says:

      I have to agree with everyone here, Leave it to Beaver has to be one of my all time favorite shows. Never missed an episode growing up and still watch the reruns now. My favorite had to be Larry Mondello.

  • Jeanne Dorsey says:

    I just ordered this book and am so excited that Ken Osmond has written it. I am currently enjoying the reruns on MeTV each morning before I go to work. BEST SHOW EVER!

    • Juan Alvarez says:

      Hi Jerry ,I was just watching the episode from the new leave it to beaver from 1984 and I noticed that Pamela Baird did not play Mary Ellen Rogers , was she offered the role ? Thanks for being the Beaver ,you and the cast were great and always will be ,have a glorious day.

  • Nancy Glandon says:

    I watched Leave It To Beaver when I was young and I still watch it now.It was a great show and I want to thank you and all the cast.You were all great! Now I’ll go check out Eddie’s book.

  • Jon says:

    I was flipping through channels the other night and low and behold saw your tv dad playing a part on “The Lone Ranger “. Hugh bimonthly”. Funny he sounded just like the Braves dad when he was seriously talking you. Jon

    • Bill says:

      I saw Hugh just last week on the old Superman TV show. He played an ex-con who had hidden his past after he had turned his life around and was being blackmailed to keep his secret.

  • Christopher Chipps says:

    Hi Jerry. I grew up watching, “Leave it to Beaver”, and I introduced the show to my two children who are all grown up now. I still watch the show, I have always loved it, and I love the character of Eddie Haskell. and may buy his book. My favorite episode is, “The Party Spoiler” in which the Beaver didn’t know that Walley was going to change his mind and invite the Beav to his party, and the Beav sabotaged it. I loved the look on Lumpy Rutherfords face when he took a bite of that candy that Beaver put soap or whatever it was in the candy, and Lumpy was mocking one of the girls when he said, “hmmm yummy candy” and then took a bite, the look on his face was so funny. I love that episode.

  • Christopher Chipps says:

    Hi again Jerry. I also loved the one part of an episode where the Beaver got stuck in that giant bowl of soup, and Eddie says, “Hey Wally, some dumb get got stuck in the soup”, then when he saw Mr. Cleaver, he changed his tune by saying, “Oh hi Mr. Cleaver, some poor unfortunate child is stuck up there” lol that was so funny, I played that part back several times just to hear that.

  • Barb Osborn says:

    I will have to get a copy of that book. I’m sure it’s interesting. I love watching the reruns on ME tv but I just found out this week that Leave It To Beaver will not be on ME tv for 2015 & 2016, not be back till 2017. It’s going to Antenna TV. We don’t have that station here, so I will be crying each and every morning in my hot tea because I usually watch that show each morning at 7 am.. Monday – Friday. Just love that show. Was always amazed at how good you and Wally as brothers got along as I had an older sister and we fought all the time. LOL Always wanted Ward Cleaver to be my Dad.

  • Steve s says:

    I can’t wait to read this book. I don’t know if you saw my post of my Eddie Haskell fan club shirt. It was a replica of the one a bunch of us wore to high school back around 80-81. Our school newspaper even did a little article about us. I do want to thank you for always doing something on the show with or without eddies help that taught us a lesson about life. I think to this day I may do stuff wrong but like the show always try to do what is right and accept my responsibility for my actions. Which is missing a lot in the world today. Thanks again

  • Jim says:

    I was nine years old when I watched some of the original episodes of “Leave It To Beaver” and enjoyed watching them as I could relate with the characters in the show because I knew kids and parents like Eddie, Lumpy, Larry and Mr. and Mrs. Clever. Recently, I have been watching the series on Netflix with my wife and we still find a lot of pleasure watching each episode. Jerry, thanks for all the good work you do and for providing us with the good and wholesome message that “Leave It To Beaver” provided then and now. Parents today would do well to practice some of the lessons taught in shows like “leave It To Beaver.”

  • Chris Wade says:

    Hello to Jerry and Ken! I am a Detective with the Baltimore Police Department for 28 years. My brother and I grew up watching the Leave it to Beaver show and the Andy Griffith show. I am 56 years old now and my brother has passed away from cancer. My daughter is now 21 years old and when we get together we watch reruns of both shows and eat popcorn and laugh all night. Keep running those shows on TV as they bring so much joy to our lives. Thank you both for letting me grow up with you and for letting my child experience what I experienced. And thank you Ken for your service! Always a fan, Detective Chris Wade Baltimore Police Department 1987-????

  • JOHN in Seattle says:

    Judy was so funny. I just loved her pious, sanctimonious attitude. Everyone was put off by it including the teachers. I laugh out loud anytime I see a segment with her it.

  • Susan Zoellner says:

    I have and recommend the Bantam book “The World According to Beaver” published 1984. It gives a short synopsis of every “Leave it to Beaver” episode. I then recorded on VHS video tapes every episode (including the pilot) that is listed in the book.
    I believe it was 234 episodes. I still have a VHS tape player that still works. It took me about 4 years to do this because I was working at the time and sometimes my recorder would not be set right and sometimes an episode would be skipped out until the next time around. I think I managed to get all the episodes on 17 tapes. Someday if available on DVD I believe I would purchase the episodes since my VHS copies eventually won’t have a player to play them on.
    Growing up this was my favorite of all sitcoms ever. It still is my favorite show ever produced.

  • Mary House says:

    Hey Jerry! I have been your fan for many years.Now my Son and Grand Son are your Fans. 3 Generations of your fans are in my Family! Best show of all time! Please follow us on twitter @MimiMJFan May God bless you and your Family always!

  • john foulks says:

    I love the Leave it to beaver series, and I still watch it on TV, it was a great TV show that was also heartwarming and at times very touching. My favorite character was of course eddie Haskell, like everyone says, we all knew a eddie Haskell during our childhood.

  • james Wren says:

    I think so much of the series that I bought it every show, and I still watch it once a yr. I am the same age as Tony and had some of the same type cloths and would wear them to high school. A fantastic show.

  • Shirley says:

    I would love to get a paperback copy of this Ken Osmond Book. I don’t read books on line. Does anyone know where I can purchase one? Thank you for any information you can give me.

  • Alan Richer says:

    Jerry: Leave It To Beaver was the Greatest Show Ever. Everything I Learned About Parenthood I learned from Ward Cleaver. At my first job, I insisted that I get home in time to watch the reruns.

  • DeEtte Phillips says:

    Jerry,Do you know if you will ever be coming back to Macon,Georgia.You where here about 15 years ago.And I gave you a small peanut hat pin.And you said to me I was the first to ever give you something that most want something.I was so happy and I told you the peanut was a Georgia peanut cause alot of peanuts come out of Ga.

  • Shirley Odum says:

    I get MeTV, on our local cable station. Sorry to hear they will not be showing the Leave It To Beaver Show! I always thought you were the cutest little boy with your freckled nose, and like most young girls I had a crush on Wally! Loved seeing the two of you in your escapades, since I had two younger brothers myself! Loved all the characters, Eddie Haskell and his patronizing ways, Lumpy always whinning, and never taking a stand! His TV Dad had a role on the Dick Van Dyke Show, and of course Barbara and Hugh were the perfect parents! I just never could figure out how she was always so perfectly dressed for housework, and Hugh always gave the best fatherly advice or correction!

  • William Snover says:

    Sadly I never heard of leave it to beaver as a child. It was not till I was an adult I discovered it. I think I have watched all the shows and some many times. I never tire of them and often have a crush on Mrs. Cleaver and wish I had grown up to be more like Ward Cleaver both on TV and in real life. Thank you Wally and Beaver, two of the greatest treasures walking this planet. You made millions happy. Thank you to writers and producers that also made it possible

  • Jim Power says:

    Still watch the show every morning !!! One of my favorites growing up with ya and one of my favorites now at 65 !!!

  • Jim Power says:

    One of my favorite shows growing up with ya and still my favorite show that I watch every morning ! I’m 65 y/o !!

  • Priscilla McInville says:

    I watch Leave it to Beaver every chance I get! My grand children are growing up on the DVD’s! This week, my 6 year old granddaughter was telling her friends about an episode! Love you all!

    • Mary Pulido says:

      My favorite scene is during the ending credits where Wally pulls Beaver away from the street curb to protect him from being hit by a passing car. This is what shows the relationship of the brothers in a nutshell. Thank you to Mr Connelly and Mr. Mosher for bringing this wonderful classic to us all!

  • S.H. Young says:

    In my opinion, LITB reached its apex during the season when they aired the episodes BEAVERS’S SCHOOL PICTURE, IN THE SOUP, MISTAKEN IDENTITY, and the one where Eddie and Lumpy forged Beaver’s report card! In the class picture episode, especially, I can NOT believe that Beaver was so stupid to go along with Gilbert’s plan to make funny faces for the photographer!


    Leave It To Beaver was the best show on TV and I still watch all the reruns every single day without any interruption . The best and my favorite one . Even though I did not grow up with the show and discovered it until I was a teenager . I wish I had grown up withing a household just like the Cleavers . Always wanted to have brothers like Wally and the Beaver , two beautiful example of what brothers should be like . Wally and the Beaver are such a valuable treasure on this planet and I can not wait to have the honor to meet them in person . They both made so many people happy and as they are presenting themselves next month in New Jersey for the first time , I can not wait to see them . It’s far away from me but i believe it’s worth it the visit . I also wanted to thank you to all the writers and producers for for such an excellent idea of the show . The Cleavers were the perfect model as a family . Thank you and I really have to get a copy of Eddie Haskell book . Any idea where can I buy it from ? . Thank you one more time and I love you all !!!!

  • John Cochran says:

    Jerry, For years I have enjoyed the re-runs of your show. As a child growing up in a “Not So Good”of a home environment, your show was one that brought hope to a troubled boys life. I now am a successful business man,but still never too proud to tell others that my favorite shows was “Leave It to Beaver”. Wally and Eddie were just great also. take care and God Bless.

  • Ken Berg says:

    Amen to all the above accolades! It’s so amazing to be able to watch the show now while I play with my Lionel train I got in 1963 when I was 10 and the show was in it’s heyday AND you guys are still with us. So cool!

  • Thomas Majewski says:

    The original show was one of the greatest American inventions. Probably, millions of kids could identify with the weekly series as there was always something new to enjoy. You couldn’t have come up with a better cast and even the supporting actors always added much to the show. It’s too bad that today’s kids couldn’t live at least a few months in the late 1950’s or early 1960’s. Nowadays,everything from the media is filtered through the stupidity of PC and that is why TV has been ruined beyond repair. I never watch it anymore and haven’t since the early 2000’s. But I’ll never forget “The Beave” and the whole crew. Thanks for making my early childhood something special, at least for one night a week. I was thinking about Eddie Haskell and ran into this site. I will check out the book also.

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