Beverly Hills Easter Parade in 1959!

So sorry — The video has some technical difficulties.  Not available anymore for screening.

Here is footage of me riding in a car with Barbara Billingsley for an Easter Parade in Beverly Hills in 1959.  You can see me at :47 in to the clip.  Unfortunately, there is no sound.  Tony Dow and Rusty Stevens (Larry) are riding in the car after us.

This parade left from the Beverly Hilton hotel and went down Rodeo Drive.  After the parade we would go back to the Hilton ballroom and I remember sitting  at the table with the Hilton family.  We had to get up really early and we went for several years.  Do any of you remember being there???

35 Responses to Beverly Hills Easter Parade in 1959!

  • Kathy says:

    I wasn’t there – but Thank You for sharing another wonderful part of your life. Have a wonderful holiday!

  • G.P. says:

    Great to see all those famous people frome over 50 years ago. Unfortunately parades like that don’t happen anymore.
    Thanks Beav. Looking forward to seeing more clips like this one.

    • John says:

      I wish I could have been in Hollywood in the lat 50s. It looks so much nicer than it is now. How long did the parade go
      on for? When did your dad stop putting them together?

  • Lin Hall says:

    Hey Jerry,was the bunny costume episode taped close to Easter??? Have a happy Easter.

  • Anita Villarreal says:

    Thanks for sharing, Jerry. I was 2 years old when this parade took place. I think you’re still pretty cute!

  • Richard says:

    Jerry…loved seeing you with Barbara…Tony and Rusty…loved the big,old convertibles…”big as a whale”…

  • Mary Booker says:

    Happy Easter, Jerry!!! Enjoyed the film!! That must’ve been a lot of fun especially getting to meet all your fellow celebrities in the parade!! I watched “Beaver” regularly and think I have seen most every episode!! My best to you!! God Bless You!!

  • Belinda says:

    I want to wish everyone a very happy and a blessed Easter. We all know what Easter is all about. The raisen of our lord Jesus Christ. I love watching Leave it to Beaver. Its one of my favorite shows to watch when it was on tv here in my home town. Everytime it was on I never missed a show. I love to watch when Jerry was a small boy. I love the shows where he would lie to his parents and him and his brother would try to get out of a jam one way or the other. I love everything about Leave It To Beaver. Why they took it off here I really do not know but I wish they would bring the show back and this time keep it on. Maybe one day they will bring it back on tv if enough people would ask for it.

  • Scott Featherstone says:

    A true testament to the show, how watching the parade is like watching family home movies. I’ve enjoyed growing up “goofy” with you all!

  • TOM GENTRY says:



  • nancy potter says:

    hi, i was only one years old at the time of this. but i must know evey leave it to beaver episode by heart by now. keep these cool clips coming!

  • Carolyn So says:

    Happy Easter Jerry, i love watching your show, but i hate missing your show when your TV pal Gilbert appears on the show, Eddie Haskel, i’m not sure, but i didn’t like the way that he keeps teasing you and treating u like a little boy still. i even feel that way about my aunt America when she last came to visit my family and i from Costa Rica, and won’t let me do things that my parents normally tell me what to do including if it’s important or important to them is why such as including the daily things that my parents tell me to do she won’t let me do either.

    • Bobby Gartside says:

      Like watching our home movies. Seems that Easter has no more Parades with it. Better times back then, wish I could go back for a visit. Jesus is the reason for this season too !!!!!!!!

  • Pat F McNamara says:

    Wow what a great video. It is a classic treasure. The days of big cars, big hair and big hats! Seeing so many of the stars from the shows I watched as a kid. Leave it to Beaver was a show we all watched (there were 12 of us) and nobody talked or “gave each other the business” during that show. I marvelled that you and Wally had your own bathroom. Thanks for being part of my childhood and all the great memories. My brother had two cats as a young adult and named them Wally and Bev. Still Love you Jerry, You will always be a star in my life. God Bless.

  • Bobby Gartside says:

    Like watching our home movies. Seems that Easter has no more Parades with it. Better times back then, wish I could go back for a visit. Jesus is the reason for this season too !!!!!!!!!!

  • Janice Smith says:

    What priceless video! The good ol’ days when they had Easter parades! What a wonderful time to have lived! I “grew up” with you, Jerry and still love the show. GOOD, clean fun with a moral every week. Thanks!!

  • carolmestas says:

    I still watch the Leave it to Beaver shows on TV. when i was growing up my dad used to send me to the store with a note to buy him cigarettes, the note would say please give my daughter Beaver a pack of kools. (I hATED WHEN HE DID THAT).

  • Susan Robbins says:

    Thanks for sharing! Was ths in slow motion so we could see you, or was it really slow or was it my imagination?

  • Linda says:

    I can never see enough of Leave it to Beaver . It brings me back to when life and times where more simple . I can remember staying home from elementary school back in the 60’s sick and getting to watch Leave it to Beaver and it always made me feel better . Please let our young generation watch those shows when people had morals and manners . Thank you Jerry for keeping your memories alive …

  • Andy De Mers says:

    Hi Jerry,

    I remember 1959 like it was yesterday. I was about 9 then. I remember wanting to jump through the television screen and live in Mayfield.

    Thanks for sharing! Good stuff!

    Stay well and God bless,


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