“Nebraska” movie trailer with Bruce Dern

A trailer from the film Nebraska with a touching performance by Bruce Dern as Woody.  It was so great to meet him at a private screening of the film.  I hope an Academy Award is in his future.  Could be — he was so great in this movie!


Bruce Dern and Jerry

8 Responses to “Nebraska” movie trailer with Bruce Dern

  • Robert DeMattia says:

    I think its going to be a great movie. Very heart warming and down to Earth. Its nice to see a movie without a million special effects.

  • I am always impressed with Mr. Bruce Dern, one of the greatest actors in America. He has been around for decades making “Top Notch Performances” and seems to be so underrated .Generally playing a “Bad Guy”, or an” Offbeat Personality” he does this with such style and commitment it is often hard to believe he is acting ! Perhaps “Nebraska”, might bring him a well deserved Academy Award, if anyone in the entertainment business deserves one it would be him !

  • Loved the trailer I will go see the move.

    Jerry next time you come east plan to come back to see us at The Rusty Bucket Apex NC. Mack & Pam Thorpe. Give us heads up so we can plan on be at the shop.


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