Santa Claus Lane Parade in 1960

Santa Claus Lane Parade 1960!

Here is vintage footage of the Santa Claus Lane parade in 1960.  You will see Barbara Billingsley, Tony Dow and me at 12:12 in the video.  Hugh Beaumont was in Minnesota at his property where he grew Christmas trees.  He brought them out to Los Angeles and sold them at his Christmas tree lot.

This brings back lots of memories!  Who else in the parade do you remember?



52 Responses to Santa Claus Lane Parade in 1960

  • Deb Guthridge says:

    I enjoyed watching this video so much. I watched it from beginning to end; I recognized quite a few people from way back when, and I also enjoyed looking at the buildings. It was so much fun to watch this. Thank you so much for sharing this with everyone! I still watch Leave It To Beaver episodes.. they don’t make shows like that anymore. Love you all. <3

  • Diana Scarberry says:

    Thanks for posting this. It was Cool to also see the camels from the King of Kings that had just opened. Loved seeing soupy sales. Yes it brought back a lot of memories.

  • Bobby Lewis says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed watching the entire parade… Wish that Jerry and Barbara would have spoken while they were on camera, but being from Detroit, I loved seeing and hearing Soupy Sales, who started his local television show for kids in Detroit and it ran for many years!

  • Christopher Chipps says:

    I really enjoyed that parade, even though it was 53 years ago. Nice seeing you Mr. Mathers along with Barbara Billingsly and Tony Dow. It was nice seeing The Cisco Kid Duncan Renaldo, and Johnny Crawford from The Rifleman, I recognise a few others too. I love watching vintage videos.

  • susan says:

    I love this view of a fantastic time in Hollywood with all the stars, decorations and characters…..a wonderful parade….Thanks for sharing this treasure!!!!

  • Richard Wyland says:

    LOVED this old film…WOW…1960…from Silent Film Star… Francis X. Bushman…to those 2 young scamps Wally and the Beav…thanks for putting this on your site Jerry…HAPPY HOLIDAYS…8>}

  • Vince Iuliano says:

    wow! this is great!!!!!! (can’t we all get in a time machine and go back???!) Merry Christmas Jerry. You made mine with this fantastic footage!

  • Dan Conley says:

    Fantastic footage! It must have been great to have lived in LA back then. The stars look like they were really part of the local community. Thanks for sharing this.

  • loren says:

    Definitely set the “Way back Machine” for this film clip. It reminds me so much of the JFK Era. Thanks for sharing and have a Great Holiday Season Jerry!!

  • Linda Freeman says:

    Wow, so very cool! I was five years old when this happened and Christmas was a very magical time back then. I was lucky to watch to the end and happy I did as right there in the middle of the Rawhide crowd was the young Clint Eastwood riding a horse. Thanks for sharing. I have already hit the DVR to record tonights parade which airs on the Hallmark Channel on the 12th. Looking forward to seeing the three of you as you were always my favorite TV show.

  • Toby Russo says:

    WOW Gene Autrey…I have his Christmass records on my 1946 AMI Jukebox!…78RPM. great footage Jerry!

  • Jack Currie says:

    Soup Sales? Del Moore (Professor Warfield) I remember from Jerry Lewis films plus my adolescent heart throb, Johnny Crawford – lol. And was that Clint Eastwood with the cast of Rawhide? Always enjoyed the Hollywood Christmas parade. It would be worth it this year just to see you Jerry. Merry Christmas and thanks for posting!

  • Susan Shearer says:

    Thank you Jerry for this wonderful film! There were so many actors and actresses from TV shows and movies that I watched back in the 60’s and had forgotten. Thank you soooo much.

  • Becky Gahr says:

    Thanks for posting this..gosh brought back a lot of memories Love this nostalgia of times when I was growing up..wish life was a little simpler now as was then…

  • Heide Unger says:

    Thank you for posting this, Jerry! It brought back so many memories! We had a great childhood before all the high tech items came out, like Rawhide, Gene Autry, Bozo the Clown, the Lawrence Welk Show… Our town of Sunnyvale always had a big Christmas Parade every year with Santa bringing up the rear on a FireTruck.
    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New year to you and yours.

  • Nadine Grill says:

    I loved your show leave it to beaver. Watched it all the time when I was young. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and God bless you through the holidays. Always a big fan of yours

  • Edward Bauer says:

    I was just short of 10 years old when this was made. I’m certain I never saw it on TV before but I absolutely love these old “Movies” of a time of innocence! Thanks so much Jerry for posting this! And yes, I saw you and Tony and Barbara but I also saw Clint Eastwood and Paul Peterson and Shelly Fabares too! Awesome stuff!!

  • susan gregg-feher says:


  • Tom Eastridge says:

    It was fun to see a young Johnny Grant at the beginning of the parade. I got to meet him a couple of years before he passed away and he was a great guy with so much knowledge. Many people may recall that Johnny Grant played TV Host “Ed Harrison” in the film “White Christmas”.

  • Stanley Vorce says:

    Very interesting to watch this parade. I believe it might be either 1961 or 1962 as there are 1962 Ford and 1962 Chev convertibles. Thanks so much for sharing, Jerry. Your TV show was always one of my favorites…

  • Jon Pearl says:

    Hi Jerry,

    I love the parade video. I can’t tell you how many times I stopped it and looked names up on to see what the ‘who’s who’ is doing now.

  • wes uptergrove says:

    Wow, ya dug deep int the archives!…I enjoy seeing all those old celebrities…and cars!! Speaking of cars I see Lawrence Welk is in what I believe is a 1961, or 1962 Chevrolet, SO are you certain of the year of this parade? It doesn’t matter that much but it was great seeing the Cleaver Family!! Thanks for the video!! I wish Bill Welsh would have stopped you and allowed you all to speak!

  • Evan says:

    Loved the video–where can we get a download?

    The date should be around 1962—I saw a 1962 Ford Galaxie convertible in the parade!

  • Jerry,

    Thank you for posting this footage, I was wasn’t born yet but I LOVE the show you were on Leave it to Beaver and watch it a lot on the reruns! I wish that the guy with the microphone would of spoke with you but awesome video and thanks again for posting! 🙂

  • Jenny says:

    I loved seeing this I was 9mo’s old at the time and it’s cool to see how things were back then,

  • Jose Salas Jr. says:

    I lived in ‘ Rockford, Michigan in the country or fram. As a young boy watch your show ‘Leave it to Beaver when I was 5 y/o in the late 50’th and other show that year. Thank you for this video it was a blessing for me to watch, and God bless you Jerry Mathers. …Dec,21,2014

  • Audrey Tobias says:

    Thank you Jerry Mathers for sharing this parade. It was totally awesome. That was the best year to live in, I wish I could go back to those days I sure miss them. Thank you so much.

  • Thomas Allen says:

    Thank You Jerry for sharing that video. I’m 65 yrs old and like millions of other kids, I grew up with The Beaver 🙂 it sure did bring back memories. Those were the days 🙂 I met you in Memphis in Oct 1998 and got your book and got my picture with you which I of course still have. I thoroughly enjoyed your book which I still have and it remains in perfect condition. You were very nice. I would also like to thank all the main characters in “Leave it to Beaver” for giving us these great memories.

  • Dale Keene says:

    Jerry, Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed the video, brings back great memories and some sadness and longing for
    the innocent years of our past. Wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy Hanukkah, be well, be safe and
    stay blessed.

  • Jeffrey Nelson says:

    Great video. Almost seems like a small town parade but it’s Hollywood. Interesting how many of the actors had their families in the cars with them. Reminds me of parades when I was a kid around that time. Wish it was still like that.

  • CherylLarson says:

    Thanks Jerry, that was a really swell Christmas gift you gave us .Those were the good old days!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Donald Nelson says:

    Thank you for putting this picture on your archives. I liked seeing Gene Autry in the parade as well. He had just acquired the
    Los Angeles Angels from the Washington Senators the previous October.

  • Deborah Donaldson says:

    so enjoyed this video, brings back so many childhood memories , thanks for sharing , still watch you everyday on METV !!

  • Vickie says:

    Jerry, Thank You so much for sharing this priceless video with us. Even though I just now watched it, I felt like it could be Thanksgiving tomorrow. I love viewing old videos. In 1960 I was 7 yrs. old .. almost 8. It must have been a wonderful treat to go and see this parade Thanks Again.

  • Sean says:

    That was so cool, with all the famous names, for that parade. Wow, right after JFK got elected as president, and times were so happy. Gene Autry, the great country singer, and owner of the Angels. I of course as a Red Sox fan, have respect for the Angels. Show business was so huge, you had Leave It To Beaver, 1957-1963 Jerry, also Dennis The Menace 1959-1963, Lassie 1954-1974, The Donna Reed Show 1958-1966, Lucy-Desi hr, right after I Love Lucy, which went from 1951-1957, just great times, for the baby boomers, and this parade, showed how special it was. As a man, who will be 29 this month, still enjoy those shows. The memories keep on living, with them.

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