Hugh Beaumont and Jerry Mathers – Rose Hills Memorial Park commercial

Before Leave It to Beaver, Hugh Beaumont and I filmed a promotional commercial for Rose Hills Memorial Park. Many thanks to my dear mother who told Hugh that the producers from Leave It to Beaver were looking to cast the father in the new television series that I was just hired for, and she thought he would be perfect.  He auditioned, got the part and the rest is history!

Here is the 1955 film in living color!

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  • David Cutter says:

    What fun looking at the outdoor shots of California 1955. Hugh Beaumont starts out sounding quite ‘old’, so interesting that Jerry Mathers and he had done this before ‘Leave It To Beaver’ began to be televised. Pure nostalgia! (y)

    • christie says:

      Sherrie, I know what you mean! I was born 1954 + its so good to watch the show again + see how America used to be… so patriotic, wholesome, respectful…. its unbelievable now!!!

  • Sherrie says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I came to look at your site after hearing about the death of Frank Bank. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend… Two days before Frank passed away, my friend Adriana, who was only 52, died unexpectedly and was gone within hours of being admitted to the hospital. Her family will be having her services at Rose Hills. How timely to see this dear old piece from the year I was born! Having grown up in Southern California, I really appreciated seeing how things looked “back in the day…” And the message was so appropriate for Adriana, a lovely lady who escaped Romania with her husband Cornell when they were a young couple.
    Thank you for posting this, and I loved your mom’s comments, as well. The clip of “The Star of Bethlehem” was also so very sweet! I will have to remember to post it on my Facebook page next Christmas.
    I love watching “Antenna” & “ME” TV and seeing the old shows I grew up with… It’s nice to travel back to a more innocent time.
    Take care and say “Hi” to Tony Dow! As a kid, I got to see him on Catalina Island once. Years later, I would marry my husband there… In June, we celebrate our 25th Anniversary of our time on “our island!”
    All the best to you and yours. Thanks for the memories!
    Sherrie Johnson
    Buena Park, CA

  • John says:

    Interesting treat…yet creepy. Don’t get me wrong, it’s very necessary to get your house in order to save your loved ones the surreal trauma of making those arrangements but I’m just sayin’….

  • Eliot Kopp says:

    Hi Jerry. I was hoping you would know where I could find a copy of Hugh Beaumont’s last t.v. interview that was conducted along with the whole LITB family. My understanding is that the interview took place in early 1982 and was filmed by a local morning news program. Do you remember this interview? Do you know where it can be found? This is my “Holy Grail” as I am a big fan of Hugh Beaumont.
    Eliot Kopp

  • I am so glad I saw this. You were adorable. I want to thank you for your part in Leave it to Beaver. It is such wonderful clean inspiring and funny entertainment, in an often ugly world. My kids have discovered, and they are teenage boys, and they love it too. They pretend they don’t watch, until I catch them watching and laughing and enjoying the show. We all watch it together now. Thank you I wish you would come to Roanoke, Virginia. If you ever do it would be wonderful.
    Jane DeLoatch

  • Tony Fornaro says:

    JOEL TATOR – author of ” Los Angeles television” book is on Stu Shostack’s web show now – it was mentioned that he produced the last Hugh Beaumont TV interview regarding “Still the Beaver” CBS TV movie promotion- Maybe he has a copy of it?

    • Jerry Archer says:

      I went to special school when growing up and Mr. Beaumont’s wife was my teacher. One of my projects were was to memorize the Gettysburg Address and say it front of class, being so scared before I went on Mrs. Beaumont gave me a handwritten letter from her husband wishing me well and sent me a cup for my nerves, I still have that he signed and framed it,

      Would love to know if She is still teaching or around, I believe that one of there son’s taught as well

      Thank You

  • Christopher Chipps says:

    Hi Jerry. I always liked Hugh Beaumont, especially as Ward Cleaver. I have two grown children, and always said that I was going to be a Ward Cleaver type of dad, and I have tried. It’s sad he’s gone. I saw him in an episode of Superman, and in a monster movie “The Mole People” and I think he was in ” Lost Continent” in 1951. He was a fine actor.

  • Lisa says:

    I always loved Leave it to Beaver and at 52 still watch it to this day! It is nice seeing Hugh and The Beaver in color. This was a nice clip to watch.

  • Kristy says:

    This is an awesome keepsake. I loved leave it to beaver. Of course I watched the reruns in the 80’s. You are one of the best actors I have ever watched. Miss those days.

  • Daryl Glass says:

    Love that Jerry. I love the show so much, am about the same age. Now legally old ( 65 ). To me, he was the all American Dad, or what we we like to think of. Thank You for this site. Still keeps the Good Times of my life.

  • Brenda Warren says:

    That was very touching and a lesson to be learned for us all. Thanks for sharing and for all the years of Leave it to Beaver. I am so glad we have METV and Antenna TV for those shows that had morals and taught us about life. Love being able to re-live the Good Ole Days.

  • That was a very interesting fact that you and Hugh Beaumont made this short film for Rose Hills Memorial Park. I enjoyed it. And I am surprised at how modern the buildings at Rose Hills Memorial Park looked in the film. They look like something from the 1970’s. Thanks for posting this Jerry.
    Robert Mechner

  • Andrea,and John Dean Sr. says:

    Hi,Jerry, Me,and my husband both love you, and your acting too.We always watch leave it to beaver, when we find it on t.v.We loved the show, and all the cast too.We hope that some day we might get to meet you, because you just mean so much to us. I thought all the cast of leave it to beaver fit their chareters perfect.I know that God had a purpose for you, and your acting abilities, because you are a very gifted individual.I love your sight, and your down home humor, please stay, just the way you are.God bless, Andrea,John Dean Sr.

  • Andrea,and John Dean Sr. says:

    Hi, Jerrry, Me, and my husband, would just like for you to know, how much we enjoy all your acting, that you have done.We especially, love,Leave it to Beaver.I thought the show was terrific, and the cast was just, so perfect for their charcters.I hope that some day, maybe, we can meet you.We love your down home personality.Keep up the good acting, that you have been ,gifted with, and all ways stay the way you are, because that’s what makes you,such an interesting person.God Bless,love, Andrea, and John Dean Sr.

  • Hi My Dearest Lil Beaver
    I am watching Leave It now and your commercial Leave It 77 is on, which led me to view your site.
    Thank you for preserving Hugh Beaumont’s memories
    Not many actors today cherish working relationships that lead to being endearing lifelong friends.
    I too was born in 1954, so this film of Rose Hills and the enchanting scenery was heartwarming and breathtaking.
    God Bless you Jerry
    Be Well
    I am
    A friend
    Miss Debbie

  • Paul Fitzgerald says:

    Whether you realize it or not, you were and continue to be a major influence for good in many peoples lives that you and the cast and the producers touched. Please tell everyone involved what a great and positive influence the show is and never doubt that all that hard work and sacrifice were worth every minute. You molded millions of decent human beings inthis world and a value cannot be placed on such a treasure. Thank you Jerry and God Bless you and all involved both here and the departed.

  • Neal Biggs says:

    Jerry, growing up in Wash DC in 50s and 60S I was little precocious bro to more stoic big bro 3 years my senior. We watched your show weekly and i always identified with the Beav. You should have seen the stunts i pulled to compete with your climbing the bill board and getting trapped in the coffe cup!

  • Doug vogel says:

    It is nice to watch you and wally back in the same time I was a kid.i hope some day they can put a package togsther with the old shows and still the beaver. It would be great to see how it would fit togather.

  • Terry Hartmann says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I was just watching Leave It To Beaver for the zillionth time on Antenna TV. I’m 65 and must say it takes me back to such a good and stress-free time in life. Just the show’s theme song gives me a good feeling. To this day, I still here now and then reference made of Eddie Haskell when calling out schmoozer. lol My best to you always.

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