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  • Terry says:

    I purchased the Leave it to Beaver collection a few years ago and love watching it and I even watch it on Me TV!!
    But I was watching Bewitched today and I saw the episode with your brother Jimmy. I thought it was you but there was something “different” so I looked it up.
    Until today I had no idea that you have a brother named Jimmy!! 😀 It would’ve been amazing to have you and your brother on a Leave it to Beaver episode!

  • gary miller says:

    just wanted to thank you and all the cast for growing up watching and still watching the reruns. I always wanted a family like the beaver’s for all the good memories thanks again. I had a pretty rough childhood and your show was like an escape. with you all the remaining cast the best.

  • Jerry Knott says:

    Hi Jerry,
    I was writing about my life and recalled the time that your Mom, Marilyn and Dad, Norman moved into our front house
    on Ridgewood Street. You were just then going to Paramount for an interview. Your dad Norman who was a teacher at
    Notre Dame High School and began taking me to school saving me the long Red Car line ride I was taking before.
    I have a picture taken by a Look Magazine photographer of you , my Uncle Jim, my brother Joe and a puppy eating an
    ice cream cone on Santa Monica Boulevard. I just wanted to say hello and wish you the best.

    Jerry Knott

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