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  • Darl Lopez says:

    The whole concept of the show was brilliant. I love the fact that it was shown through the eyes of a child, as you mentioned.

    • Paul R says:

      All of the story lines were down to earth. Also, it is true that this series was the first to show experiences through the eyes of children, but it also showed the parents’ vantage point. So many episodes showed the children discussing the latest events, while trying to imagine how their parents were thinking. Then the parents would have the same conversation from their perspective. As a result, Wally and Beaver regularly taught Ward and June how to be better parents because mom, dad, and the boys understood that parenting is a two-way learning process.

  • Lauren roy says:

    Dear Jerry, I watch and re watch the series repeatedly. The innocence, the civility of the black and white world calms me. I love the perspective of the child. You were an unbelievable talent so young. Thank you so much for sharing your memories. Thank Tony and Ken as well. Please take it as a compliment that we have a lot of farm animals named for the characters of the show

    Your fan,

  • Ray Holman says:

    You are so full of historical knowledge. I could sit all day listening to your adventures and antics of being a childstar. I would also like to attend one of your lectures on diabetes if you are ever near Oklahoma City again. You and the entire crew have turned into fine men to look up to, even Ken and Frank. Lol. Loved growing up in your world and the re runs take me back to a kinder gentler time. Thanks for everything Jerry.

  • Linda Moore says:

    I thought the title fit. I can understand why the hallabaloo over the name. Because, Mathers is right. TV was all about variety type shows and this show was a forerunner of it’s kind. It probably was a tough sell!!!!! I liked it because it reflected our values and our life style growing up in the 60’s.

  • Danielle Woolard says:

    I grew up watching Leave It To Beaver. To this day I still watch when it comes on TV land. I truly love this show. Thank you so very much for sharing these wonderful facts & memories with your loyal followers. Keep them coming.
    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Danielle Woolard

  • Dolly Prenzel says:

    Leave it to Beaver and The Andy Griffith Show are, hands down, the two best series ever shown on American television.
    They have present day vitality. I have watched each series many times and know them by heart. Now watch ME TV at a friend’s house to see the old shows. Unfortunately, Comcast does not carry it!

  • mike hutchinson says:

    Thanks for the info. When I was growing up leave it to beaver was my favorite show still love watch every day it’s on .God bless you

  • Karl Schill says:

    Thank you Jerry for this opportunity for me and all your fans to learn more about our favorite show. I’m amazed as to how real your show was from the situations to the expressions. Great acting! We need shows like Leave it to Beaver today. Thanks again, Karl

  • Michael Davis says:

    Hi. Just wanted to tell you that your show is missed. I seems like good television shows about true family values are slowly leaving the air waves. Thanks for the memories. Have a Merry Christmas 2014!

  • Lisa Perry says:

    I love you & your show (and all your co-stars) like you cant imagine….An American treasure, for sure. Thank you so much!

  • sher says:

    Love the innocence of Leave It To Beaver… I could watch it all day… Question, have you ever heard from the guy who played Larry Mondello ? what happened to him ?

  • Dana Ivory says:

    That’s so cool! Thanks for the info….it’s funny to hear you say the series didn’t catch on at first…I loved it from my first episode but television was still blossoming. Great interview!

  • Karen says:

    Interesting. I love Leave It To Beaver and I watch it every night on Netflix when I cannot sleep. It is like a comfortable old friend in this very different world we live in today.

  • Stephen Jenkins says:

    I grew up watching the show. Hoping for the Complete Series of Leave it to Beaver for Christmas.
    Wish I could get your autograph.
    God Bless!

  • Loved the show every week. We still have 2 episodes every morning on KVOS (Me TV) here in the Victoria area and I generally watch them. Curious whether or not you keep up with the other child actors?? Characters of Whitey, Gilbert, Larry, Penny and Judy etc? That would probably be a wonderful experience sitting around chatting about the good (and bad) times of L.I.T.B. Barry Tateham

  • Jena says:

    What interesting background! I watch Beaver every morning on ME TV, it makes me happy. I recently saw Beaver get a typewriter! I wonder if MacArthur had something to do with that now! Thank you Jerry!

  • Donald Nelson says:

    I had heard the original title of the show was ‘Wally and The Beaver’. That was dropped because people would think it was an animal show.

    • Carroll A Peterson says:

      No, the original title was It’s A Small World and different actors played Wally and Ward. They were not as good as Hugh and Tony.

  • Eleanor says:

    Interesting retake on the beginnings of television and decision-making processes at the time. Thank you for sharing your recollections.

  • Craig Wacke says:

    I wish TV shows today, gave the same message as your show did, it is truly classic. Thank you

  • Rob Althouse says:

    “Leave it to Beaver” was what me and my brother watched everyday before heading out to school! Loved it! Still love watching it… You were great and we learned a lot about the right way to treat others and what was really important in life! We often talk about the shows….. Thank you so much! Awesome childhood memory!

  • Kathy Scott says:

    Jerry just wanted u to know I just loved watching u and wally sometimes I wish I was back in that time again love ya 🙂

  • One if my favorite parts of “Leave It To Beaver” are the closing credits when Wally and Beaver with his baseball mitt are walking home from school. I walked mine from school with my baseball mitt all of the time. Brings back great memories!

  • lewis passarell says:

    if things were like that today what a great world we would have instead of how it is now. no respect now adays

  • Carroll A Peterson says:

    I think I read on your site that you were born in Sioux City, IA. I live in Sioux Falls, SD not that far away. Do you have a brother named Jimmy? On Bewitched, I saw a kid who resembled you credited as Jimmy Mathers.

  • Jackie says:

    I watched Leave it to Beaver when I was a child. I am still watching Leave it to Beaver to this day. I wanted to tell you Thank you Jerry.

  • Dillon Ganesh says:

    Hey Jerry I’m only 19 years old and I’ve watched every episode and season on Netflix I was just wondering if you can please respond to my message I would be grateful thank you!

  • Larry says:

    I love the tv series Leave It To Beaver.when I was a kid I thought Beaver’s dad was a fantastic dad! and still do.So often tv dads are portrayed as goofs and jerks.Leave It To Beaver dad-Ward is a good role model.Leave It To Beaver is clean and smart entertainment!.

  • Vickie says:

    Leave It To Beaver, what can I say? I love this show and it was a constant companion back when I would come home from school. It was on in re-runs when I was in grade school in the early to mid 60’s. My mother and dad worked so it kept me company until they would come home. I was what people now call a latch key child. Like Jerry said, us kids watching thought all other homes were like the one he had on the show. Having a mom waiting with a glass of milk and a cookie or sandwich at the back door in the kitchen. It was a comforting show for me and now here I am still watching it on Netflex. It gives me a comfort today as it did back 50 years ago. Especially when I feel stressed out or can’t sleep or relax. I loved all the characters, Wally, June, Ward, ‘Lumpy” Eddie, “mean ol Judy even. I missed Larry M. when he left the show. I see Whitey, and Lumpy have passed away and June and Ward and Miss Landers are gone too.. I thank God there are the re-runs to watch. Jerry, if you ever come to Wisconsin I would come and see you and I know a lot of others that would too. Again, thanks for this website to share our memories of you as Beaver. God Bless You All.

  • Dean Fonville says:

    Thanks to all the writers and producers and of course actors on LTB. It’s so true that there has not been family ( except maybe Cosby Show) that had family values. It’s amazing that those values NEVER are out of style..I was born on 1960 and spent afternoons watching all those great TV shows
    And yes most all of them had lessons of life and for life that were kind to others As well as teaching YOU honor and treating others fairly. Things were lost and I am not sure if we will ever get some of that “code of life and honor”. Jerry, I saw you on Gun Stories with Joe Montego a and was thrilled to see you ( a Hollywood actor) practicing your 2nd Amendment.
    I am learning mine and maybe we go out and have a day at the range ;). The “rounds” are on me. Thanks for being something I never get tired watching – it always leaves you felling you watched some really god and honest.
    God Bless & Kind Regards to you and your family
    Thanks again from Texas!
    Dean Fonville
    Bryan- College Station Texas

  • Richard Shuler says:

    My grandmothr went to college with Hugh
    Beaumont.. Wonder if he kept any of her
    letters ??? She wrote every week after the show had aired. Some of the stories were
    suspiciously parallel to my childhood???
    Amazing how recognizable Jerry is in later

  • David Gardner. says:

    Dear Mr. Jerry Mathers. God Bless You. And Thank You . I Never Ger Tired Of Watching Leave It To Beaver.:-)

  • Sandy says:

    Say goodbye to Leave it to Beaver on Netflix. They are taking it off of Netflix at the end of this month, July 2015, & I am very sad about this. I love watching Leave it to Beaver on Netflix but, they keep removing all of the good shows & movies from their lineup, & replacing them with stupid movies & shows that I have no interest in seeing. Leave it to Beaver was one of the best programs they ever had on Netflix & it’s their foolish mistake to remove it.

  • Trent Baugher says:

    Jerry, thanks for your work and the great TV series. We enjoyed watching it after school when I was a kid. I thought the entire cast was great- but you were the star- no doubt about it. Thank you again for the wonderful memories!

  • Fred says:

    loved everything about the show I have to say us kids ended up doing some of the same things they did.
    I have to confess at 8 years old I had a huge crush on miss Landers and Barbara I so wanted to be hugged by June

  • Steve Howard says:

    I like many others grew up in the 60’s watching Leave it Beaver. Having an older brother like Wally made me relate to the Beav. Nothing like it has been on since. Even today when channel surfing & I come across an episode I have to stop and watch. It brings back a flood of childhood memories from a different much simpler time. I miss those days!! Thanks Jerry and thanks to the Beaver!!

  • Dave Snell says:

    It always saddens me to think about Rusty Stevens. I consider him a tragic figure. I know we all hope that someday he can conquer his demons and make peace with it all. Every single character on LITB was top notch; Rusty’s performances, too, were rock solid and a pleasure to watch.

  • Terese Martyn says:

    At the age of 52, “The Beaver” is still my favorite show. The casting was excellent. The storylines were so believable. I believe that is why it has endured and played so well over these many years. Thanks much, Terese

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