“Hello Again” video tribute to child actors

Here is a wonderful tribute by Bobby Hay to the child actors we grew up with, many who are my real life friends.  How many do you recognize?

52 Responses to “Hello Again” video tribute to child actors

  • Bobby Hay says:

    Thank you so much, Jerry. This is truly a privilege to have our video on your website. I hope all of the great friends in the video who are still with us get a chance to see it and comment. There were so many I left off unintentionally. And I do have to apologize for the mediocre job I did with Neil Diamond’s great song.

  • Joyce L. Carroll says:

    Re-living my younger years, by watching “Leave It To Beaver” on Netflix! Unable to get MeTV on my cable service! Some great memories! Hope they get some more TV shows from my youth! The comedies of today are not as funny as the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s! Thank you for the goodtimes!

  • Virginia Ogg says:

    Great video. Watch some of these now on ME- tv. This is the one reason I like cable-I get to see the old shows. Sure they are reruns but they are old enough that I don’t mind at all. Brings back good memories.

  • Stella says:

    Awe!! I truly enjoyed watching this. Growing up from the 60s these were the best TV shows one could watch. Great job on this.
    Thanks !!!!!

  • Julie Baer says:

    What a wonderful tribute video of yester years child stars. We grew up with these faces in our homes and grew to feel we knew them all. Such wonderful memories. Wholesome shoes are made like this anymore and today’s generation truly misses out. I’m grateful for reruns. I still watch all these shows that I can. Thank you for posting this awesome video and thank you to the creators of it.

  • Lisa says:

    This kind of tribute is well deserved and very appreciated~~ Although Ive never met (and sadly, probably never will) all these wonderful young actors, I love them all and appreciate their contribution to my life….Again, I love you all…thanks Jerry…I especially love you!!

  • mike says:

    what great memories for seeing all the actors from when I was a kid growing up. Thanks for the many memories!!!

  • Bobby Hay says:

    Under the description on You Tube I included the names and predominant show each one appeared. The photos from Alfalfa until the end are the friends who have passed away, in the order (I think) which they left us..

    .Paul Petersen…The Donna Reed Show
    Jerry Mathers…Leave It to Beaver
    Johnny Whitaker…Jody on Family Affair
    Jon Provost…Timmy on Lassie
    Stanley Livingston, Don Grady, Barry Livingston, My Three Sons
    Mickey Dolenz…Circus Boy (and later a Monkee)
    Ronnie Howard… Opie on the Andy Griffith Show
    Stanley Livingston…Chip on My Three Sons
    Erin Murphy…Tabitha on Bewitched
    Shelley Fabares…The Donna Reed Show
    Christopher Knight…Peter on The Brady Bunch
    Todd Bridges…Willis on Different Strokes
    Eve Plumb…Jan on The Brady Bunch
    Keith Thibodeaux (Richard Keith)…Little Ricky on I Love Lucy
    Johnny Crawford…Mark on The Rifleman
    Mike Lookinland…Bobby on the Brady Bunch
    Butch Patrick…Eddie on The Munsters
    Billy Mumy…Will Robinson on Lost in Space
    Susan Olsen…Cindy on The Brady Bunch
    Tony Dow…Wally on Leave It to Beaver
    Kevin Corcoran…Moochie in Disney films and the Mickey Mouse Club
    Paul Petersen…Jeff Stone on The Donna Reed Show
    Rusty Stevens…Larry Mondello on Leave It to Beaver
    Jay North…Dennis the Menace
    Clint Howard…Leon on the Andy Griffith Show
    Brandon Cruz…The Courtship of Eddie’s Father
    Billy Gray…Bud on Father Knows Best
    Barry Williams…Greg on The Brady Bunch
    Barry Livingston…Ernie on My Three Sons
    Angela Cartwright…Make Room for Daddy and Lost in Space
    Ken Osmond…Eddie Haskell on Leave It to Beaver
    Maureen McCormick…Marsha on The Brady Bunch
    Noreen Corcoran…Kelly on Bachelor Father
    The Original Mouseketeers
    Tim Considine…My Three Sons and the Mickey Mouse Club (Spin)
    Elinor Donahue and Lauren Chapin…Father Knows Best
    Tony Dow and Jerry Mathers…Leave It to Beaver
    Bobby Diamond…Fury
    Carl “Alfalfa” Switzer…The Little Rascals
    Anissa Jones…Buffy on Family Affair
    Ricky Nelson…Ozzie and Harriet
    Rusty Hamer…The Danny Thomas Show (Make room for Daddy)
    George “Spanky” McFarlane…The Little Rascals
    Tommy Rettig…Jeff on the original Lassie
    Dana Plato…Kimberly on Different Strokes
    Lori Martin…National Velvet
    Gary Coleman…Arnold on Different Strokes
    David Nelson…Ozzie and Harriet
    Don Grady…Robbie on My Three Sons
    The Original Mouseketeers
    Annette Funicello…The Mickey Mouse Club

  • Don Garrett says:

    Thanks Jerry for sharing with us. I loved not only those shows but the character each actor created for us. Thanks to all of you for “growing up” with me.

  • Vicki S. says:

    This is beautiful. I can’t believe how many of these kids I watched on TV and eventually met. My mom roomed with Lucille Ball when they were trying to break into the business. Lucy and my mom both had “Latin Lovers” (considered a “mixed marriage” back then). My dad didn’t want my mom to be in movies (though she was in one with Lucy–“Roman Scandals”), but even after leaving Hollywood my mom never lost touch with Lucy. Though my mother died young, Lucy let me roam through her studio all the time, and I used to go to Columbia, Paramount, MGM, and Warners as well.

    Thanks for great memories!

  • Pandy says:

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories. Always loved little Theodore Cleaver in” Leave It to Beaver”
    . Warms my heart<3

  • Jeani says:

    Wow!~~Knew them all…watched & enjoyed them all.. have bought most of all these complete series.. and have share them with my girls.. & Now with my grands… & just think it was my parents who turned me on to them.. so 4 generations have & still do Enjoy Real Entertainment!~ Thank You All~

  • Mark Sukienig says:

    At 66, 6/16/1948, this was a neat review if many folks with whom I grew up. I only met two if them, both when I lived in the San Fernando Valley. Come to think of it, both on Ventura Blvd. one in my old Encino optometry office (whom I cannot legally name) and one, Annette Funicello, at the Sportsmens lodge, when we shared a table for dinner watching a friend’s bluegrass band. But there were only 5 faces whom I could not immediately name. Thanks for posting so many memories. Not many seem to mention Micky Dolenz as Corky, rather than as a Monkee. Be well. May it be a very long time before anyone else moves to the end of the list.

  • Mark Sukoenig says:

    Please fix my typo in the previous message. I misspelled my own last name! Small buttons on the iPhone. It’s Sukoenig, not Sukienig. Thanks.

  • susan says:

    Wonderful and happy memories of shows that were well worth watching…..would love to see them all again!!
    Thank you!!

  • Donald Nelson says:

    I recognized almost all of them.I did not know that Rusty Hamer had died.Remember on the first Beaver reunion in 1983, Larry Mondello was living in India and he used the name of Evishnu. His real name was Robert Stevens.
    Does anyone know what he is doing now?

  • Mary says:

    Brilliant hardworking kids! MeTV should use this video…. The viewer’s hearts floweth over. Such great moral tales! You kids taught us kids a lot! :o)

  • Helen says:

    Bless you for this, it made me cry. These people were such a part of my life and I consider them friends. And Jerry Mathers, you are such a positive and lovely person!

  • Steve Morgan says:

    This was just wonderful. It was like going back to my old neighborhood to visit childhood friends. It is amazing how much television has influenced our lives. Thank you for the great memories!

  • Maryanne Maish says:

    Thank you Jerry for posting this. I recognized most all the actors and actresses. . I felt like I knew many of them personally because they were visitos in my living room daily or weekly. So sad that many are now gone. I loved many of these shows. When it comes right down to it my favorite is still Leave it to Beaver.

  • Brenda Byrd says:

    Thanks,Jerry for sharing this video,it’s like looking at my family album,I am so glad I grew up with this special people!

  • Evelyn Robishaw says:

    I love the tribute and i also watch all leave it to beaver episodes. Gives me such peace.

  • Cate Schofield says:

    Jerry Mathers & the cast of Leave it to Beaver are so dear to me! The show represents everything good/wholesome about life in the 50s & 60s, and an absolute privilege to watch on a regular basis now, as it recalls those days so beautifully. Having seen each episode repeatedly, it is enormous fun to re-live the series whenever we want (thanks to purchasing sets of each season.) It often brings tears to those of us who knew that sort of life, as the show and its characters so very well depict daily life as it was during that period.

    Mr. Mathers, you & the entire cast will be forever held in the highest regard in the hearts of those of us who were fortunate enough to have initially watched the show in prime time. It is an honour for us to be allowed to convey through this site our most sincere gratitude for countless happy hours spent with you & your television family. God bless you all in every way.

  • Mark Meyer says:

    A big fan of yours since the early days. Please let us know when you appear at swap meets or flea markets!

  • Pat Hay Risch says:

    Jerry I’m Bobby Hay sister, I am so proud of him getting in touch with Paul Petersen, and you for putting this video together. I love him so much. I love the video and it brings back childhood messages of all this child stars. I could watch these shows over and over again. Thank you for placing this on your blog. I have a rare cancer, and he and his wife have helped me so much. I’ve asked Paul to see if he could sign this video HELLO AGAIN for him for Christmas., If you can sign it he will be so delighted. I know your a busy man, and I thank you so much for placing this on here for him. Pat Hay Risch Bobby’ older sister

  • Jesse Newsom says:

    I just lf love those pictures of the stars I grew up with .who was the child star that played in rin tin tin. rusty steven’s I think but I’m no sure. I know he’s larry mondello..maybe I passed it but I didn’t see Tim Considine name .

    • Bobby Hay says:

      Jesse, it was an actor named Lee Aaker that played Rusty on the Adventures of Rin-Tin-Tin. Sorry, there were so many that aren’t in the video. In hindsight I realized I could have made this video 10 times longer. Since I posted this, greats like Mickey Rooney and Shirley Temple have left us (how did I miss them?) And Patty Duke (she’s still here)…and the list goes on. Lucy Arnaz saw this video and made a very nice comment. But in a later conversation she had reminded me that she was also a child actor. To say I was embarrassed doesn’t measure up. And Tim Considine is in the video.

  • Carroll A Peterson says:

    I was in love with Wally (Tony Dow) and Chester (Buddy Hart). I had the pleasure of meeting Tony and Jerry at a dinner theatre in Indianapolis around 1980. It was a thrill!

  • Edith "Edie" Sando says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I enjoyed so many of these shows when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s. God bless you all!

  • Vickie says:

    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!! I recognized all these faces and it brought tears to my eyes. I love your website and I am so happy I finally found you.

  • Valerie Sweeney says:

    Loving all of this! i watch all the Classics, can not get into this modern day TV. Thanks for all the memories and some lessons!

  • kathy kalee says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful memories of my childhood. Much success to you and all that you do

  • Christal Simmons says:

    OMG, the week wasn’t complete without seeing the ” Leave It To Beaver” show each week as a child and teen. Even as a young adult, when the show was on reruns I would watch it. If and when it is ever on again, I will watch it even now at age 60 because it will never grow old! Thanks for the memories Beaver!

  • Scott Dale says:

    Having been born in 1974…..alot of these actors I got to know in reruns. Ozzie & Harriet and Leave it to Beaver being my two favorites. And now…I share them with my son. I like to see how down to earth you are Mr. Mathers. If I could have a wish, it would be to hear your stories and memories from a time that has always captured my imagination. Thanks for your body of work and all that you are doing for others now.

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