Shirley Temple photos – Santa Monica History Museum

Here are photos from the Love, Shirley Temple event I attended on June 3, 2015 at the Santa Monica History Museum. There were so many beautiful costumes from Shirley’s films.  Her mother actually had it written into her contracts that she was allowed to keep the clothes that she wore.  The red carpet photo includes from left to right Kate Linder, me, Margaret O’Brien, Steve Railsback, Gigi Perrault and Kevin Dobson.  There is also a photo of Shirley’s children, Susan Black-Falaschi and Charles Black Jr.  and a photo of actress Jane Withers holding a picture of her and Shirley together.

The event is scheduled through June 10th.

12 Responses to Shirley Temple photos – Santa Monica History Museum

  • Lisa MacNeil says:

    Thank you Jerry for showing us the museum. I didn’t know it existed. I’ve followed you and Shirley Temple most of my life. I’m so thankful both yours and her parents allowed you to be on television and the movies. Those sweet, innocent programs were so wonderful to grow up with. Both of you were superb in your acting. The talent scouts/producers picked the absolute best children for the Leave it to Beaver shows and the movies starring Shirley Temple. I’m 56 and raised our 2 daughters watching your shows/her movies. Hello also to Tony Dow and Ken Osmond-also superb actors.

    Sincerely, Lisa MacNeil

  • Sharon says:

    Thank you Jerry for the amazing pictures, Shirley Temple was #1 in my books. Have all videos, books and my children so enjoyed her laughter and talent.

  • Linda Ward says:

    love seeing the things from the Shirley Temple Museum As I live on the East Coast and am a big Shirley Temple fan this is the closest I’ll get to seeing it. I grew up with all the movies in addition to the Leave it to Beaver show.
    Even now loved watching it in reruns.
    Thanks for posting

  • Sally Singles says:

    Thank You Jerry, loved the pictures, the clothes were even more adorable in the pictures since a lot of the movies were in B&W. I am 66 still watch any old movie of her’s and others that I can. I still have my Shirley Temple doll from the 50’s. I am so glad you keep active in all of these things and along with you let us travel down memory lane. Love, Luck and Laughter Jerry… A fan


  • Robin Smith says:

    When I think back through my childhood memories (I am currently 60) of my favorite television shows, actors and actresses I think of:

    Leave it to Beaver – Jerry Mathers
    Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color
    Movies with Shirley Temple
    I Love Lucy – Lucille Ball

    Those were the days of great family television! Thank you Jerry for the memories and thanks for sharing the Shirley Temple photos!

    You friend and fan…..


  • Sandra Jensen says:

    Thank you so much I recognized all her dresses and what movies they are from. Thank you

  • We still watch the reruns..I grew up with watching you on TV..then my son..and now my husband and I..thanks for sharing Shirley with us..its so refreshing those old shows..

  • Debra Applegate says:

    I loved watching Shirley Temple ever Sat. afternoon. I think I saw everyone of her movies. I can still find some of her movies playing on our cable. Thanks for bringing back great memories

  • John Ness says:

    Thanks so much for the photos and comments on the Shirley temple exhibit, wish I didn’t live so far away otherwise I wouldn’t mind seeing it in person. Being a 59 year old male I remember watching her movies with my mom and sisters when I was young and both laughing and crying . Her movies were so emotional, great acting

  • Kathleen Pigg says:

    I have several Shirley Temple videos and watch Leave It To Beaver every time it is on television

  • Jenni Rose says:

    What a lovely gesture to post pictures from the Shirley Temple Exhibit. Thanks Jerry.

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