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Video is a great way to promote your business!



         BzS – The Business Spotlight Webisode Series

When I was doing research to learn about website building I found out that it is very important to provide as much video content on my site as possible because nothing drives traffic to a website and builds rapport better than video.  In addition to the videos from projects that I have done throughout my acting career, I also wanted to include information on my website about how important it is to brand my business.   Acting and public speaking  are my professions and need marketing exposure as much as any other business.

I recently shot this video to help promote my brand with my my dear friend Sue Berry.  She is the Executive Producer of BzS which is a business spotlight webisode series.  It was fun doing the interview with BzS host Bella Shaw who you may recognize from her 10 years as a CNN news anchor.

If you have a small to midsize business in the Southern California area, and would like more information regarding how you could have an affordable marketing video produced for your company, please contact Sue at   And, tell her I sent you!


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