Happy 70th Birthday Ken Osmond, aka Eddie Haskell!


Ken and JerryHere’s is my chance to wish my good friend former LAPD motorcycle officer Ken Osmond aka Edward Haskell, a happy 70th birthday.  Ken, I know what a terrific actor you are.  You brought to life a mischievous villain that is so much NOT like you that it’s hard for me to believe that you could play such a great character so different from the real you.  Who would have thought that the name “Eddie Haskell” would become synonymous with all the things that Ken Osmond isn’t!

What many people don’t know is that Kenny also had other great acting roles including the film Pilgrim Adventure with Spencer Tracy and Gene Tierney, Lassie, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Fury, Petticoat Junction, and The Munsters to name just a few.

Kenny then changed professions and in 1970 he joined the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD).  He was an active member of the force until he was shot in the line of duty on September 20, 1980.  His bulletproof vest and belt buckle saved his life. He eventually retired from the LAPD in 1988.  Because of this he was able to join the cast of The New Leave it to Beaver and reprise his role as the two-faced protagonist to Beaver and the Cleaver clan.

To a great guy on his 70th birthday — it doesn’t sound so bad being that old because I just hit 65 on June 2nd and it didn’t hurt a bit. Happy birthday Ken!



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  • Ed Holm says:

    Thanks to you Ken and to you Jerry for being such an important part of my life. I grew up with you guys and am 65 myself. Your family and friends felt like an extention of my own neighborhood and I felt I really was growing up with you. In a way I was. You guys showed me how to become a teenager during a difficult time. Life seems to have been good for us all. God bless you and Happy Birthday Ken

  • Robert Hood says:

    Happy birthday Ken. Thanks for your acting career on LITB, I enjoyed all the shows. Also thanks for your service with the LAPD. Don’t know you personally, but you seem like an outstanding great guy.

  • john spear says:

    happy birthday ken thank you for all the years and memories and thank you for keeping our streets safe.

  • Terri Grothe says:

    Happy Birthday Ken. You were so hated yet in a quirky way loved! Thanks for the memories! I love Leave it to Beaver. Growing up in a divorced home and being raised by a father back in the 60″ was hard. That show among others let me know how normal families were. It taught me values too. And your character taught me how not to be LOL. God bless! Here’s to many more and good health to you too!

  • Susan Miller says:

    Happy Birthday you were such fun to watch. Still love to watch you Wise Guy

  • Susie Anne Cassidy says:

    Happy Birthday to Ken Osmond (Eddie Haskell) All the best&may God bless you with manymore plz keep in touch sincerly from your good Friend&#1 Fan Susie Cassidy my birthdais this month too June 22,&I’ll be 43

  • Paula Hartsock says:

    Happy Birthday Ken!!!!!! It takes a nice guy to play an Eddie Haskell. Many more to come 🙂

  • Jan says:

    Happy Birthday Ken/Eddie…many many more- sure wish fro reunion of the Beaver show now a days….(now that we’re all seniors)

  • Brett Dockry says:

    Leave it to Beaver wouldn’t have been as wonderful a show without the likes of Eddie, Lumpy, Larry and the rest who always made for an entertaining half hour of television in the good old days of the late 50’s to early 60’s!

  • Ira says:

    Happy birthday, and many more!

    You and the gang gave us, and CONTINUE to give us, joy and comfort as we get away to wonderful Mayfield.

    I also had the joy of meeting you in person a few years ago at the Coconut Creek Casino in Florida.

    Stay well and happy!

  • Lance champlain says:

    Happy Birthday Ken. I hope you have a great day. You guys had the greatest show on tv.

  • Clayton Mick says:

    Happy Birthday Ken! Thanks for all the wonderful memories! Keep givin’ them the “business”!

  • Tom Blazier says:

    Happy Birthday, Ken! You and the Beav were a regular part of our day when my brother and I were kids. Thanks for the memories. I wonder how the transition to working as a police officer was like and whether people recognized you when you stopped them for a ticket.

  • Happy Birthday Ken Osmond! Thank you for all of the hilarious pranks that you and Lumpy Rutherford pulled of during the TV sitcom Leave It To Beaver… 🙂

  • Jon says:

    It take a great actor to pull out what you did on the Leave it to Beaver Show! Thanks for all the enjoyable times spent on just laughing about on your charter acted in time with the show. Happy birthday and may you have many more!

  • Mary Ellen Lloyd says:

    I never knew that Ken Osmond was a motorcycle cop, nor that he was shot in the line of duty. As the mother of a police officer, I offer him my sincere appreciation for having chosen a career of public service.

    As for Eddie Haskell being synonymous with the qualities we eschew, the same can be said for the girl (Alison Lundgren, or something similar?) who played Nellie Olsen on Little House on the Prairie. Sometimes a character just sort of naturally “evolves” into an example of a widely-accepted communal mindset and leaves a legacy of so much more than the mere portrayal of any one individual role. The woman who played Nellie, just like Ken, appears to have grown up to be a very kind, compassionate and respectable person!

  • Cyndee says:

    Thanks for all of the memories. One of the best shows on television. Although everyone in the show is a fictional character. I’ve always said, I think they should use the show as part of a Life Skills class in High School to teach teenagers what a family should be, and how to be a parent.
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN! I hope you have many more wonderful years.

  • Linda Martinez says:

    Happy Birthday Ken, Thank you for all the great memories I still love to watch Leave it to Beaver I wish the best to you!!

  • Margaret Dupreel says:

    Hey Eddie Haskell (Ken Osmond) I hope that your birthday is full of many blessings. Happy Birthday

    • Al says:

      Happy Happy Ken, and nice to have a good friend for so may years , God blessed them both

      Just a humble Cuban fan from Miami 🙂

  • Marty fentress says:

    Happy Birthday Ken, I joined the force in 76 and I remember seeing you time in Parker center walking down the hall towards communications and the mail room. It was just yo walking away from me with that motor cop swagger. It was sort of iconic seeing “Eddie” that way. Best to you. Marty Fentress

  • Andrea Carvalho says:

    Happy birthday, Ken, wish you many years ahead to celebrate with your loved ones.

  • Teri says:

    Dear Ken,
    Thank you for years of entertainment and public service. Your life has had a positive impact on millions of people and not many can say that. I hope to see you in any future “Beaver”projects.

  • Robert Lackemeyer says:

    One of the best shows ever and still watch it at age 65. Some things never get old. Ken, glad you were in the series. Loved your antics. Happy birthday!

  • Danny Zamzow says:

    Happy Birthday Ken. I never miss one show. I still love it today, as I did when I was 5 years old… Once again Happy Birthday “Eddie” May you have 30 more…

  • Luis says:

    Happy birthday brother may God bless you so much and his blessing fall upon you and your family in a wonderful way. Haleluya.

  • Mark Pope says:

    Happy Birthday to both of you and also thank you both for the show(s) you both were in.
    take care guys!!

  • Lance Rogers says:

    Ken and Jerry,
    I’m age 55. Jerry thanks for sending out the birthday wishes to Ken, As a child I watched you… Ken as Eddie Haskell the trouble maker, your acting was awesome. I loved the Beav and Wally and wanted to reach in the TV screen an tell them don’t fall for Eddie’s tricks! As an adult I can reflect back on how your acting as a manipulator and how skilled an actor you were. I hope you had some fun on your 70th and have many more happy birthdays!

  • Laura Wells says:

    Happy birthday Ken. I loved you back then and love you still. I still watch you every night. Wishing you many many more years ahead and thnk you for the police work and most of all thanks for the great memories.

  • Mary says:

    Happy Birthday to Ken! Hope he’s having a good one. For the record, I liked Eddie Haskell. Yes he could be a real jerk but I felt sorry for him. Don’t, maybe it was cause he was an only child and his parents spoiled him so much that I think that’s why he turned out so bad. He never really had a girlfriend except for the episode entitled Eddie’s Sweater I think. The girl actually seemed like she cared for him especially since she went to all that trouble to knit the sweater for him. And I always thought he was quite attractive. So…with that being said. Happy Birthday handsome. You did an awesome job of playing bad when you’re completely the opposite. Thank you for being Eddie.
    An Eddie fan. 🙂

  • Kelly says:

    Happy 70th birthday, Ken. Eddie Haskell is one of the iconic characters if television history, but it was Ken Osmond who brought humanity to this multifaceted character. Thank you for spending my childhood with me!

  • Ann Marie Swift says:

    Happy Birthday Ken.. You are a great actor and still look fantastic..I loved u on Leave it to Beaver.. You always made me laugh.. That show was always my favorite .. Thanks for the memories.. ..

  • paul says:

    If we only had more actors you guys and shows like you star in today are kids would grow up with great roll models like we had with you guys

  • Michael Zarifis says:

    Happy birthday to one of the most truly original characters the television has ever seen. More then that thank you for your service to the community and for the incredible sacrifice you made. God Bless.

  • Eva says:

    Thank you so much for being such a huge part of not only my childhood, but even now! It’s so fun to watch reruns and chat it up with friends. Everyone has their favorite episode! My Zgod…the billboard with the teacup…your horrible haircut cuz you wanted to save money….nd so any more. So happy yup are willing to dream your life with all of us fans…and there are many of us! Smooches you cute thing!

  • Eva says:

    Now….on to you Ken…orry, but I find it so difficult not to call you Eddie! You were my absolute favorite character (sooooo different than the Beeve). No one ever mde me laugh as hard as you….ok, occasionally Don Knotts….but that’s another show. Thank you so much for all the years of joy. And a very pencil thank you for your years of service in the LAPD. You can’t possibly be 70. That’s crazy! But then gain, I gaze into the mirror and some old fart is gazing back. Thanks so very much!

  • Rose says:

    Eddie aka Ken, Happy birthday to you!! Enjoyed watching all of you on Leave it to Beaver. Your character made me laugh because the way you would be with Wally’s parents so polite and everything and then go turn around and do some sort of prank! Didn’t know you were a motorcycle cop and appreciate your keeping the streets safe. Happy 70th to you!!

  • Ted says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Thank you sooo much for the Awsome job you did with everything you contributed of your great life. Sometime when I’m not feeling in the best of spirits I can always watch a few episodes to bring me back around!! Thank you!!

  • Gerard Wilson says:

    I agree with Jerry’s assessment of the Eddie Haskell character – totally convincing and a great acting job. It’s surprising that Ken did not go on to a more lasting. Perhaps it’s a case o one of those vivid characters that will always be associated with the actor. Happy birthday Ken. Leave It to Beaver was one of my favourite TV programs in the 1950s.

  • Ed Branham says:

    Hey Ken Happy Birthday I hope it was a good one. I thought you had the wildest rolls on leave it to beaver with the pranks and getting your friends Wally & Lumpy involved

  • Happy Birthday to Ken from a well seasoned “Leave it to Beaver” fan. These updates are so great for those of us who grew up watching this wonderful show! It’s good to know that the real life Ken is not like Eddie! I am particularly fond of the episode where Eddie gave Beaver a hard time about the roller coaster at the park and then Eddie ended up getting sick! “Gus and the net!” I still remember practically the entire episode!.Thanks for the update and the memories and again – Happy Birthday to Ken!

  • Elaine Hearne says:

    Happy birthday Ken Osmond. I know that Eddie Haskell was just a character you played — and what a character he was! But the first thought that came into my head was “Wow! Eddie Haskell hit the big 7-0!!” The second thought was “What if Eddie Haskell went back in time, and married Nellie Oleson (played, annoyingly well, by Alison Arngrim)? Yikes!!!”
    Thank you for the years of great entertainment, and for your service with the LAPD. May you enjoy many more happy years 🙂

  • Richard Holbeck says:

    Happy Birthday, partner!
    Yes, I remember Eddie Haskell. I didn’t care much for his influence on the Cleaver boys.
    Then, as what happens to all of us, he grew up and the show was cancelled. God bless him for going into law enforcement. That totally vindicated Ken’s portrayal of the manipulator, Eddie.
    I recently retired from the Orange County Sheriff’s Department on 9/4/12 and move to Utah, across the street from our grandkids on 9/11/12.
    I turned 66 on 2/14/12. It was when I turned 55 that I thought that I was getting old. Since then, I have gotten my “second wind” and am really enjoying the retired life. I figure that I average about 5 hours of work a day, 7 days a week. Some day I will be able to slow down from this hectic pace. LOL
    Once again, Happy Birthday, Partner!.

  • Scott Patrom says:

    Thanks Jerry for keeping us “up to date” on what’s going on with you all (Happy Birthday Ken).. LITB has been a part of my 42 yr old life ever since I can remember watching TV. Thanks for all the “life lessons” that were conveyed and still pertinent to this day. Just wish there were more shows like this today. Keep ’em coming Beaver. Hope you got a good prank in on Eddie!

  • Dave Shilling says:

    Happy Birthday to Ken!!! Hope to see him again on TV! Such a great actor!! 🙂

  • terry Williams says:

    Happy Birthday Ken. I never knew that you were a Motorcycle Cop. Thank you Jerry for giving us a history of Ken. I always love reading the history of Actors. And also Thank you for all of the Happy Years watching Leave it To Beaver. God’s Blessings to all of the cast members who are with us now and the ones who have passed on.

  • Terry PATRICK Mayew says:

    Happy Birthday, Ken Osmond!! Even better on “The New Leave It to Beaver” than the original show.

  • Forrest Hall says:

    Happy Birthday to a great antagonist.Loved your character and happy that you are not like him.

  • Gary says:

    Happy Birthday, Ken! You are like one of the family, as I have ‘known’ you for over 50 years. Boy, how I would like to take a trip back in time in Mr. Peaboy’s Wayback Machine, and just have just one day to hang out with all the guys from Mayfield. Many of the happiest returns of the day to you, Eddie (Ken)!

  • Lisa says:

    Hope you have a very happy birthday!! You are forever loved & admired by fans all over the world, myself included! It must be a kick for you to know that the name ‘Eddie Haskell’ is recognizable to millions of people…”What a lovely dress, Mrs Cleaver!…..(5 minutes later)….”Listen squirt, now youre gonna get the business!” lol

  • Pamela Mazzuchelli says:

    Happy Birthday! Best show ever and you are probably one of the best if not the best character in the history of television. You made Eddy come alive and be believable!! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!!

  • Janice Poston says:

    Happy Birthday Eddie! Your antics have brought this schoolteacher/academic librarian tons of laughs at the end of a long day. All in a clean, good-hearted way. I have only seen the New Leave it to Beaver once. What channels is it on? And when? Loved the old show. Beaver you and Wally were so endearing. How old is Wally now?

  • Mary Kizer says:

    Happy 70th, Ken! You are truly part of Americana–who didn’t watch and love the show?? So glad to know you went on to lead a “normal” life! Many more birthdays to come are wished for you today!

  • diane says:

    I still watch you on the old Leave It to Beaver Shows. Such awesome clean entertainment. You are phenomenology and thanked by me and many others for sharing that talent with all your fans. Have a happy birthday. By the way my mom is celebrating her 90th birthday.

  • Mary Griffin says:

    I see the curse of the Zombies hasn’t hurt you in the least – enjoy you day!

  • Joseph Armstrong says:

    You fellows are such a huge part of my childhood, and my America!

    I too was previously unaware of what a great public servant Ken was. Thank you, Jerry!

    Happy birthday to you both, and God bless!

  • Patricia McPherson says:

    Happy Birthday Ken!! Wow, 70 years old already! Your portrayal of Eddie Haskell was one of the best characterizations ever in television. You were perfect for the part.

  • dan mullin says:

    Jerry….what ever happened to Richard Correll? I went to highschool with him out freshman year in San Jose?

  • Lynn N. Bock says:

    What a great character you created Ken Osmond, that has become an American icon and part of the lexicon. Happy 70th and many more!

  • Deb Monahan says:

    A very Happy and healthy 70th. Birthday and many more, I have loved all the sly remarks you would make on the Leave It To Beaver show, (which I still watch) you always had something to say, kinda like me, FULL OF LIFE <3

  • Dan Ryan says:

    Mr. Ken Osmond,
    Thank you for your service. As excellent as your portrayal of Eddie was, it pales in the importance of service a Law Enforcement Officer. You represented yourself honorably in the public service. Hold your head high. You are deeply respected

    Eddie Haskell,
    Are you sure you didn’t live in MY neighborhood in Minneapolis under the assumed identity of Leonard Nauman? Eddie must have been modeled after sneaky fellow!

  • Donn Cutler says:

    Happy birthday to Ken and Jerry. All of the LTB cast are my favorite people! I LOVE the show and will always watch it. What a perfect cast they are!! LTB changed the world forever. You, Jerry, will NEVER be forgotten! You will always be what America should be.

  • Maria says:

    Happy Birthday, and many returns of the day!
    My 11 year old son and I have recently been watching Leave it to Beaver on Netflix (we’ll watch episode after episode — funny stuff). I enjoyed watching the reruns growing up. Thanks for the laughs you gave us through your Eddie Haskell character.
    I hope your day is filled with all your favorites!!

  • Dianna Harbin-Wilson says:

    I am watching Ken on “Leave it to Beaver” right now! I love your character, Eddie Haskell. Ken you are so talented. I wish you a wonderful birthday and many, many more to come!!! Thank you for all the years of service you have given as an officer of the law, and for all the years of laughter you’ve provided to each of us who grew up with you!

    Much Love,

    Dianna Harbin-Wilson

  • Sarah Warrington says:

    Happy Birthday to Wally’s best friend…I have a chemistry set for you 🙂 So glad Leave it to Beaver is still on you were a character but it wouldn’t have been the same without you! Enjoy your day

  • Tammy says:

    So cool to see this post. I loved the show Leave it to Beaver and have some episodes on dvd. Still love them!

  • Dejordy says:

    Love the friendship that comes through. And he definitely was a great actor to sell that character.

  • Chris Loders says:

    Happy 70th Birthday Ken! Wow, time sure does fly. You’ll always be 18 in our hearts. Eddie Haskell is arguably the single best supporting character on a set com ever! Hope you had a great day. 🙂

  • Andrés Mendoza says:

    Happy birthday Ken! I am from Venezuela but when I lived an while back in the USA and Leave to Beaver is one of my all time favorites. All you guys were great. Thanks for the laughs and may Gold bless you.

  • Kat I says:

    Happy Birthday. Thank you for being a policeman and also for the great memories on Beaver.

  • james fuller says:

    ken, as a retired police officer (68 to 98) and your age, mine is (aug 1943 ) my respect to you for your years on the streets (you know what its like ) happy birthday !

  • William Abernathy says:

    Happy birthday Ken. You will never know how much joy you brought onto our lives. – Beach. Bill

    P.s. email me at pismodise@gmail com

    Would love to hear from you. Just a great fan!

  • Cindi Bauer says:

    “Happy 70th Birthday” Mr. Osmond. Still enjoy watching you on Leave It To Beaver. I now watch the show on MeTV 8am-9am Central time, here in Wisconsin. Leave It To Beaver has always been my favorite show. And Eddy Haskell has always been the favorite charactor you love to hate!

  • Pauline from London says:

    Love the show. You look amazing and haven’t changed a bit in features.

  • Ray Kimbel says:

    Sorry I missed the day, out of town. Trust it was one of the best ever. Seven decades. We have seen a lot. Enjoy and smell the roses.

  • Rob Swan says:

    Happy 70th Birthday, Mr. Osmond !! ” Leave it to Beaver ” continues to be my all time favorite classic TV show. All the best.

  • Deb Survilla says:

    Happy Birthday, Ken! A good actor makes U dislike the character, and U were a great actor. U also made us feel sorry for him. We still watch Leave It To Beaver , everyday on Disc. I know, Corny! We don’t watch regular TV. No Imagination any more.

  • Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Mr.Osmond (Eddie) Thank you for the great childhood memories. I tell my kids that what they watch doesn’t hold a candle to shows like “Leave it to Beaver”, where even the “bad” kids were polite and nice!!!

  • Steve H says:

    He made such a good RAT!
    I always laugh at his facial expressions as he road in the roller coaster after teasing the Beaver.
    I used to think as I watched that he was such a good actor.

  • Preston Lopez says:

    Happy birthday Ken Osmond and Jerry Mathers.im so glad I turned on channel TBS in the mid 80s and got hooked to Leave it to Beaver.it was an escape.it really opened my mind to a diffrent way of life in contrast to living in nitty gritty New York City.lol Preston Lopez

  • Carol says:

    Hello, Ken, I just wanted to say how much I loved growing up watching your show. I wasn’t a boomer but my dad was and he LOVED “Leave it to Beaver”. You guys all had such great chemistry together. Ken you look great for your age. Thanks, Carol of Calgary Canada.

  • Norma Meredith says:

    I apologize for being late in my happy birthday wishes. You made “Eddie” so real. We’ve all knows someone like him. Someone who tried too hard to be “cool” and tried to make you think his life was so much better than he tried to make you believe it was. No matter what scheme he’d come up with there was always a touch of vulnerability in him. You could make the viewer want to punch Eddie in the nose and at the same time hug him. Thanks for all the enjoyment you still bring into our lives.

  • Joyce Wilson says:

    I was terrified of Eddie Haskell when I was a wee child watching LITB in the late 50’s. I would cover my face when you came on. But watching the show over the years made me realize what a handsome guy The Eddie was. and still is. Thanks for all you have given to us over the years. Hey how about an autobiography Sam. I bet you have some groovy stories to lay on us. HEH HEH HEH! Love you, Nana Cat Wilson

  • Sunny says:

    I’m late, I’m late, I’m late for an important date!!! Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

    And Jerry, I have been reading all the things you have written on your blog and I want an opportunity to tell you how refreshing it is to read such NICE THINGS you have posted about this person and that person. You are not flaunting yourself, but actually giving accolades to others! When you give nice words to others, some always come back to yourself!

  • Jim Sullivan says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Ken! I just now finished watching the episode wherein Beaver and Richard ruin Wally’s suit, by spilling oil on it, and Eddie does Beaver a great favor by talking Wally out of wearing the suit to a party that night. One of my favorite episodes of the series, most especially for the scene between The Beaver and Eddie.

    Eddie walks into the room while Beaver is trying to “paint” his brother’s suit. He doesn’t see Eddie enter.

    Eddie: “Boo!”

    [Beaver is startled and jumps]

    Beaver: “Gee, Eddie, where’d you come from?”

    Eddie: “I came from outer space on a ray of light!”

    Beaver “Aw, cut it out, Eddie…”

    A sincere belly laugh. Thank you for that.

  • Jena says:

    happy birthday to Ken. I love Eddie! Such a little devil with the face of an angel. I watch Beaver every morning on ME tv. It makes me happy!

  • Rhonda Jackman says:

    sorry i missed your birthday i hope you had a good one Happy Birthday Eddiie use to watch you back un the bacj in the 60

  • Freya says:

    Ken Osmond was fantastic in Leave it to Beaver. I just saw him in “Bachelor at Large.” “Come onna my house, my house-a c’mon, I’m gonna give you candy.” LOL. He had the best lines and his delivery was absolutely perfect.

  • Dan Gallagher says:

    I hope you still read this ken,
    Just saw you in Hamilton Canada at comicon
    (the camera died when my buddy tried to snap us).I want to let you know you were the biggest superhero in the whole place,it was a thrill of a lifetime to see you in person.
    You are a real American hero
    Leave it to beaver is the way things should be.The show was a much needed comedy releif and learning tool for me.Im glad i could tell you that i love you and im glad to read and hear that youve had a blessed life.
    And i think its funny and cool that Lumpy is your accountant (awesome!)
    So happy belated birthday i wish you many more! And hope to see you again sometime!!

  • Eric negrete says:

    Hey beaver just wanted to say you were always the kid i wanted to be. If I could live my life all over again I would have wanted to be just like you.Well I guess I can only be you in my after life.

  • Knox carmack says:

    Hi jerry thank u for all the laughs growing up with u on the litb do you ever here from Larry mondello.is it true he hid his child stardom from everybody as he got older that sounds strange he would do that. love that Eddie haskell I’m sorry Ken Osmond I woder what he thanks of LAPD today with all the corruption anyways god bless all

  • Claudia Pilcher Baum says:

    Just found this
    Don’t know if this note from me will be seen, but was very happy to see your birthday tribute to Ken.
    You are so 100% correct! Ken is very special .
    I taught dancing in Canoga Park ca. To Jerry Mathers sibbilings and Ken Osmond & I road his powder blue motorcycle to many AMA. events together. A wonderful part of my life! Happy Birthday Ken!
    Claudia Pilcher Baum.

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