My best friend growing up, Richard Correll


Richard CorrellI’m looking forward to a great time tonight at my long time friend Richard Correll’s 65th birthday celebration at an historic Hollywood hotel.

Richard played “Richard Rickover” in  Leave it to Beaver.  He was not only a character on the show, but my best friend growing up.

We spent many weekends at each other’s houses getting into mischief…typical adolescent pranks!

After Richard graduated from high school and while he was at USC’s film school, he worked extensively with the Harold Lloyd estate.

Richard has had an incredible career as a top Hollywood television director, producer and writer.  Some of his credits include Family Matters, Full House, Hannah Montana, That’s So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, and Perfect Strangers to name only a few.  He wrote episodes for Happy Days early in his career.

Richard has always been a very good friend and I look forward to sharing many more birthdays with him!




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  • diane says:

    This is very precious to know that the two of you were and still are good friends! Best wishes for many more birthdays to spend together!

  • Margaret Dupreel says:

    I hope that your birthday is full of many blessings. Happy Birthday! I really enjoyed watching you and Beaver getting into mischief on “Leave It To Beaver”

  • Denyse M Robinson says:

    Any friend of Jerry’s is a friend of mine…


  • Steve Eberly says:

    Happy Birthday, Richard! Think of you and your father whenever I watch an old Amos ‘n’ Andy episode.

  • Lisa says:

    You have no idea how much these kinds of tidbits warm my heart…..Hope your friend has a very Happy Birthday, and also hope you guys have a great time celebrating! Love & thanks to you both…for a whole lot of happy memories…

  • John Arbogast says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Richard. Just today I watched an episode that had you in the cast…the one where you write an essay about your mother’s early years. When Beaver read his essay about his mother running away at 17 to become a Chorus girl, then joining a Dive… I just about lost it….SO FUNNY

  • cheryl vega says:

    Happy birthday, Richard! Have a wonderful night and may you have many, many more!

  • Barbara Freiberg says:

    Happy Birthday Richard. I am very impressed with what you have done with your life. God has Blessed you and I am very happy about that. I didn’t know you and Jerry were best friends growing up. That is so wonderful. Once again Happy Birthday 🙂

  • Terry Beatty says:

    How appropriate that you used that great picture of you and Richard in the monster sweatshirts — since I hear through the grapevine that he is an avid collector of vintage monster movie memorabilia. Happy birthday to my fellow monster fan!

  • Cindy Ward says:

    Happy Birthday. I hope you get the cake and ice cream you want. We all know, no matter the age; there is a child inside that loves Birthday Parties!

  • KAthleen says:

    Hppy Birthday to Richard. It is clear through the shows you were associated with, that you have the kind of values that I believe all Americans should still embrace. I wish the type show you were involved with wouls make a come back for the sake of our American youth. There is no longer a moral fiber involved in today’s programming. Best wishes for a happy day and thanks to you for all you have done to demonstrate why American life is exceptional.

  • margie says:

    I was and still am addicted to Leave it to Beaver love you all Happy Birthday Richard.

  • Donna Novak says:

    Happy birthday, Richard! Love Leave It To Beaver. Disappointed that it was dropped by antenna TV. I watched it every night from 11 to 12.

  • I had the pleasure of interviewing you a few years ago in studio. I love reading your posts. Your shows are very special to me. Thanks for sharing.

  • Lisa Giannotti says:

    Happy Birthday, Richard! Enjoy celebrating with your best friend, and thank you, Jerry, for sharing bits of your life with us. 🙂

  • Susie Anne Cassidy says:

    Hello there Jerry I just wanted to say hello&to wish your friend Richard a Happy Birthday&may God Bless him with many more plz say in touch thanks my b,Day is June 22,1970&I’am a cancer plz say hello to Wally&Eddie&Etc oh by the way.I forget the day.I met you&Wally&Eddie&Lumpy&your Tv Mom June sorry.I couldn’t meet your Tv Dad Ward do you still keep in touch with Larry&Gilbert&nasty Judy H&whitie&Miss Landers&Miss calfiend?.I got season season 1&2 on DVd..Take Care&God Bless Plz stay in touch. Sincerly From your #1 Fan&Friend Susie

  • Sheila Thompson says:

    Jerry I hope Richard has a very happy birthday, and I hope you both have a good time celebrating.I loved watching episodes of leave it to beaver the whole cast was great. I think it’s great you and Richard became such good friends in real life.
    thank you for sharing this.

  • Hey, I like the sweatshirts in the picture up there.That episode it always makes me think of Big Daddy Ed Roths T-shirts with the weird faces and cars from the 60’s.There is a Big Daddy reunion each year in Utah where he had moved to later in his life.Starts on the 30th of May till June 1st this year.Lots of cool cars and people with a look inside the huge museum.Look over my original movie story outline for Gearheads if you get a chance on facebook at …Pioneers of Power….Oh by the way Happy B-Day !

  • Linda Parham says:

    Happy Birthday Richard…..I grew up watching “Leave It To Beaver” and love it to this day. I know every episode. In the picture you are wearing the sweatshirts that only Beaver was brave enough to wear to school. At least when he thought that Richard and Whitey would also. Oops!!!! Sounds like something one of my five grandsons would do. Have a great evening celebrating♥

  • greg attaway says:

    Happy “Social Security” Birthday !!! Get it before the government gets it, you earned/deserve it !!!

  • Lori says:

    Happy Birthday to your best friend Richard!!! I love the episode of the one pictured above with the monster shirts on. My husband and I have been watching Leave It To Beaver almost every night for the past month or so. Thanks for one of the BEST shows in the 50’s!!

  • Exeter says:

    You gotta name all the episodes that Richard was in! That’d be cool!
    Since I’ve got all of ’em!

  • Bob Bourdon says:

    Happy Birthday Richard, you already have the best gift of all on your birthday and that is your friendship with Jerry…enjoy your special day.

  • Steve says:

    Hi Jerry hope you had a great time tonight at the birthday party.
    How was your trip to Colorado?

    Steve T.

  • Sim says:

    Jeeey as you know as well as most fans, he was the only friend that actually appeared in the 1978 reunion TV movie. I knew after seeing that he was a true friend to you and I am a fan of his and yours!

  • john spear says:

    happy birthday richard, ive watched leave it to beaver since i was kid. as. t did my kids and now my grand kids. now im 68 and still watch 1 hour every day there has never been anything to compare and sadly i must say there probably never will be again, i can tell the series was heavily christian influenced and that was the key. thank you again for your fine performances and great character. have a wonderfull birthday.sincerly yours john spear.

  • Rodger Strange says:

    Happy Birthday Richard !! Thanks to all of you for continuing to bring happiness into our household on practically a daily basis. It is so nice to pop in a Leave it to Beaver DVD and go back to such a pure and simple time, that I know most of us miss. Wishing you many more BD’s to come.

  • lisa karwoski says:

    I love Leave it to Beaver and as far as Beaver’s friends went I loved Richard and Whitey however my two favorite were Larry and Gilbert… Gilbert added so much comedy to the show he was great, what is he up to now? my favorite line . it’s Gilbert , Allen and Beaver and the lady replies : are you a law firm …. no lady were kids!

  • Jeanie says:

    Happy Birthday Richard and many more years of good health and happiness. Have a great time celebrating your birthday

  • Claudia says:

    Happy Birthday Rich! Had great time when you directed “Valerie” Wishing you a great day!

  • Tom Zielinski says:

    Happy Birthday Richard… it’s wonderful to see a life-long friendship. Wishing you and the Beav many more.

  • Janet says:

    Happy Birthday Richard! I’m sure you, Jerry and all the guests will have a great time! :0)

  • Jennifer Wilbur says:

    Happy Birthday Richard! I loved watching you on Leave it to Beaver. Hope you’ve had a great day!

  • Julanne DeNomie says:

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more. Love watching you and Jerry Mathers on Leave it to Beaver.

  • Stephanie HewLen says:

    Happy Birthday Richard!!! Thanks for entertaining us while we grew up together…My kids even watched you and so will my grandkids one day..

  • Mary Dillman says:

    Happy Birthday and I am glad you are on this site! This kid was a great young man. I loved watching you has a kid myself

  • Hi Jerry I am glad I found your web site again. My computer’s hard drive crashed so my brother David had it fixed with a friend of his. He got the computer running again. I head someone in the apartment building where I live in Rockville, Maryland mentioned your name. I think it was Neal he watched the old televison shows. Love to hear from you soon. Sincerely Mimi Ratner

  • James K. says:

    Well, I’m still not happy about you telling the cop that your name was Theodore Cleaver when you got in trouble. Okay, I’m over it now! Happy birthday Richard!

  • Bob Black says:

    Happy Birthday Richard! I enjoyed watching Leave it to Beaver growing up, and I still do!

  • Mary Griffin says:

    You two haven’t changed a bit !!! Hope you have a great birthday Richard!

  • Alton Thompson says:

    Happy Birthday Richard, Thanks Jerry for putting things like this for us to read!

  • Rick Creighton says:

    I never forgot Leave It To Beaver, seen every episode more than once, and it was one of the best shows that dealt with child Psychology at the time. Happy Birthday, and sorry to hear about Frank Bank.

  • Scott Ridgeway says:

    Happy Birthday Richard! Just wondering if you guys still have those swell monster sweatshirts?

  • Clark Engelson says:

    Happy 64th birthday my friend! It was funny to watch you and the Beaver cause trouble

  • Lynn in Connecticut says:

    Happy belated birthday, Richard! I just watched the “Burro” episode and thoroughly enjoyed it – again. I never tire of watching “Beaver”* reruns. Thank you for the great posts, Jerry. *I’d like to note that “Beaver” episodes are now being shown (1 hour earlier than before) on ME TV (8 a.m. & 8:30 a.m. Eastern, M-F).

  • Bob Roy says:

    Happy Birthday Richard. remember you from Loyola High,, and the Boarders Quarters !!
    remember me ?? ROB class of ’67.

  • Rob Leingang says:

    Just sitting back watching LTB Beaver and Richard swapping the coat back and forth…looked up Richard on imdb which led me here, happy accident 🙂
    Really happy to read the items on your site. I’m a long time fan from Seattle. Love to meet you some day. Best regards

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